Cinecast Episode 480 – Gossip Interstitials

Despite Kurt’s protestations, there is a definite soap opera theme to todays show and its discussions. Asks Charlize Theron in The Fate of the Furious, “what’s most important in life?” The answer, for those in Monterey, West Texas and international nuclear arms thieves in the arctic is of course, “Family.” Besides the box office blow-out this week, we spend a good third of this episode on the greatness of HBO’s “Big Little Lies” (watch out for the read-between-the-lines (SPOILERS!). Andrew has forsaken film for the past couple of weeks to watch a Peter Berg television series about football in West Texas… perhaps that was a mistake? Kurt on the other hand has been taking in more Canadian genre cinema, some action from our man Steven Soderbergh as well as a pseudo-doc from the 60s and second visit of Japanese Animated, but this time dubbed (not subtitled) version of Your Name (period). This and more; sans Corona.

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Opening: :00 – 5:14
“Big Little Lies”: 5:15 – 1:35:43
The Fate of the Furious: 1:35:45 – 2:19:09
The Watch List: 2:19:10 – 3:07:21
Outro: 3:07:24 – 3:10:46
Closing Music: 3:08:35 – 3:11:44


– “Big Little Lies”
The Fate of the Furious


Your Name.

– “Friday Night Lights” (s01)


“Big Little Lies” OST playlist (Spotify)


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Sean Kelly

I find it funny Kurt automatically assumed Ethan Hunt was a character from the Mission: Impossible TV show, when in truth no specific characters from the show were used, aside from Jim Phelps.

Sean Kelly

For once Kurt was kind of right. FREE FIRE was not as fun as I expected it to be.

Though the sound mixing would make it great in Atmos (which I don’t think it’s screening in)


The Lost City of Z is a very good piece of classical film-making. Hunnam isn’t a great screen presence but not as bad as some people make out. Kurt might be interested to know that the UK critic Robbie Collin has it as his favourite film since Under The Skin.

Free Fire is great, I’m biased though as I saw it with a Q&A with Wheatley and Smiley.

Kurt Halfyard

I liked LOST CITY OF Z and it’s old-school pacing and ‘episodic’ structure — except for Darius Khondji’s cinematography, what was with that pale yellow filter making everything look flat and hazy? I was a much bigger fan of Robert Elswit’s gritty and colour saturated jungle photography in GOLD.

Andrew James

I’ll be seeing this on Wednesday. Hopefully my low expectations elevate it somewhat. The trailer does nothing for me, but the higher-than-average LetterBoxd scores give me hope.


It was shot on film, so you should be all over the cinematography 😉

Nathan Austin

Glad you mentioned the cinematography, most reviews are praising it but I agree with you, I thought the cinematography looked muddy in the outdoor scenes. Thought it was a solid film otherwise.

Andrew James

The movie was watchable but making it look good could have elevated the whole thing to a status of slightly better than good. Everyone looks sick (when they’re not) and the sky always looks like it’s going to rain vomit at any moment. Even the “pretty” shots of the Irish coastline looked gross.


I’m sure the Fast/Furious franchise transformation stems from Vin Diesel’s influence after his “XXX” extreme Spy franchise failed to take off. Everytime I laugh at the bad dialog in these Fast/Furious films, I compare them to that “other” franchise and think, “well it could’ve been worse”.
Curious to see how far you’d tolerate the XXX sequels Andrew, considering it’s literally a dumbed-down,
meathead/cool-guy version of Bond meets Fast and the Furious.
Duane Johnson is literally “The Rock” in F8 but while Paul Walker is not a particularly good actor, I really missed his presence in this one. Some cool set pieces and action ideas but still the weakest since F4.

Andrew James

…still the weakest since F4.

I’d probably go along with this; although I need to rewatch F7 as I remember almost nothing about it except the final send off sequence (and some fighting in the streets of LA at night).

I recently watched the first XXX film and thought it was alright. It actually reminded me quite a lot of the Brosnan era Bond films – I think I said as much in my LetterBoxd review. It might be a while until I get around to the Ice Cube sequel, but I’ll watch Diesel’s return in the new one as soon as it hits VOD.

As for Paul Walker, I agree he’s not a great actor, but I sure do miss the guy. Not just in this, but in other things he did too. I liked seeing him on screen for some reason. He seemed like the one in ten jock/gearhead that’s actually the one you wanna hang out with. I enjoyed Running Scared quite a bit as well as Joy Ride and to some extent Brick Mansions, the remake of District B13. I actually kind of want to watch Vehicle 19 and Hours.