Cinecast Episode 479 – In Camera

It’s Friday; welcome to The Cinecast! Yes with a holiday weekend coming up and some conflicting schedules outside of that, we’re doing an end of the week show. Ergo, no new, theatrical releases this week. But there are some pretty big titles that are eating up the bandwidth on VOD this week. First up is Clive Barkarpenter’s The Void – yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to us either, but yay practical effects. Also, M. Night Shyamalan has gone back to basics and has re-started making his brand of film, The ones the made him. That’s right, Split (spoilers!) is pretty damn good film making.

Aside from another Shyamalan tie-in, Andrew has no Watch-List this week and leaves it to Kurt to monologue for an hour about a whole slew of cinematic goodies (and one podcast). There’s a “mental health” marathon [insert joke here], some studio not-Ghibli Japanese animation, a Netflix stand-up comedy special, some Quentin Tarantino, a 1970s precursor to American Movie and much more.

We’re a pretty great show to listen to while shopping for pudding. Have a listen!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Opening: :00 – 16:08
  (Fate of the Furious coming / Thor: Ragnarok trailer / Marvel Vs DC)
The Void: 16:10 – 41:24
Split: 41:26 – 1:50:15
The Watch List: 1:50:16 – 2:56:51
Outro: 2:56:53 – 3:07:07
Closing Music: 3:04:31 – 3:07:52


The Void


The Fisher King
The Other Half
Punch Drunk Love
Louis C.K. 2017
Death Proof
Your Name
Demon Lover Diary
“S-Town Podcast”



– The Fate of the Furious
– “Big Little Lies”


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I’ve heard all the buzz about From Yesterday but still haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

If you’re interested in provocative art-house anime, you should check out Mamoru Oshii’s debut Angel’s Egg from 1985. Some of the ideas in Ghost In The Shell are even present here but it’s way more minimalist and coded in its message (w/ religion). It’s a lean 70 min with barely any dialog but was critically panned upon release; considered a minor masterpiece today. If it wasn’t so abstract, I’d almost confuse it with an early Ghibli production. You can easily find it on YouTube but it’s begging for a Criterion remaster.

Just started burning through S-Town, really digging it so far.

Sean Kelly

I think you would be hard pressed to find a genre film fan in Toronto, whose name ISN’T on the long list of IndieGoGo supporters at the end of THE VOID (myself included).

I enjoyed the film at Toronto After Dark and I still enjoyed it when I rewatched it at its final Toronto theatrical screening last week, though I noticed a lot more of the flaws (most with the acting).

I received a digital download of the film for my donation, but I may still get it on blu-ray when it come out.

P.S. I enjoyed WolfCop as well and I’m stoked for the sequel

Sean Kelly

Having seen THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS yesterday, it proves that a series can begin its downward spiral, yet still be incredibly entertaining. Jason Statham steals the show in my opinion.

Sean Kelly
Andrew James

“What Shyamalan’s ‘Split’ Get Wrong About D.I.D.”

This kind of shit is so stupid. It’s a comic book, villain story. It’s like an article headline that reads, “What Stephen Sommers and Brendan Frasier got wrong about Egyptian Embalmers in ‘The Mummy.’ Gimmie a break. At least there was some realism with the backlash traction garnered from something like “Silver Linings Playbook”.

“What The Coens got wrong about psychotic behavior in ‘No Country For Old Men’.”

Matthew Price

Welcome to the world we live in now – turns out many human beings would rather if entertainment were sacrificed so they could, you know, live more dignified lives.

Andrew James

They’re probably not watching Louis CK’s latest stand-up special.