Giveaway: The Void on VOD


Astron-6 alumni, Jeremy Gillespi and Steve Kostanski, have made an ode to John Carpenter movies like Assault on Precinct 13, The Thing and Prince of Darkness. Their occult hospital-set creature feature, The Void, which is no self-parody or horror-comedy (a la Astron 6) but rather a grim, icky scare fest that plays for keeps. It has been playing in very limited release in Toronto at the Royal Cinema for a week, but it makes its VOD debut Today on iTunes. And their publicity company has happily ponied up several codes for a free VOD viewing.

If you want a viewing code, just kick us a message on Twitter (@rowthree) telling us what letter of the second ABCs of Death anthology was directed by Kostanski (which also happened to feature Kurt’s son, Willem in a prominent part.)