Friday One Sheet: Cannes 2017

The Cannes film festival has been on this particular design the 2006 poster of Maggie Cheung re-purposed from In The Mood For Love. That is to say, highlight the star, make it look glamorous and warm. Since about 10 years ago, things have been getting ever more minimalist, and, simply, it just works.

Despite a small imbroglio regarding the thinning of Ms. Cardinale’s figure (in reality, it is the entire source photo pinched/width adjusted, not just the actresses slightly thigh), the photo indeed captures the joy that a certain kind of cinema, The Cannes kind, is meant to project out to the world. It’s a lovely poster of an iconic actress is a warm expression. I get the concern about idealized body image, but in this case, idealizing a movie star (at the peak of her youth) for the purposes of reinforcing the notion of the most glamorous festival in the world, it is kind of the point to have the photos lie a little bit, c’est non? It’s a sticky subject, as will it ever be…photos are art, and art is lies that tell the truth, and possibly vice versa.

If you are curious, here are the Cannes posters for the past 70 or so years.

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Andrew James

I can’t stop looking at this. It’s great! So full of color and energy – even though it’s only really two colors.