Stephen King’s “IT” Teaser Trailer

So I’m a little torn here. The 197-minute mini-series from the early 90s scared the bejeesus out of all us kids back in the day (and some adults too I’m sure). The cast wasn’t all that special except for one. Tim Curry. Curry pulled off the role of Pennywise the clown magnificently and hell, you can watch the original for just three bucks right now. Stephen King adaptations are very hit or miss. “IT”, that stretched two cold, November nights on ABC back in 1990, seemed like the perfect length for a fairly thick novel and is definitely considered a hit. So my initial instinct is to wonder why this big screen adaptation is even necessary.

Still, I’m curious what a more succinct version of the story will be like on the big screen. And I’m always looking for something that will genuinely scare me, not just startle me – and those movies are very few and far between. I want those little hairs on my arm and neck to reach for the stars. Alas, it almost never happens. And while there is something in me saying that this looks a little too polished and CGI (read as, generic and uninspired) for it to work, I do hope for the best.

IT is directed by Andrés Muschietti (Mama) and stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise and whole list of other names I don’t recognize. Check out the trailer below and see what you think. They all float down here…

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This could have been STRANGER THINGS 2.


Another case of art cyclically imitating itself. They even share an actor (Finn Wolfhard – what a name).
Unsurprisingly, the Duffers also admitted to borrowing elements from the original It, as well as the Twin Peaks theme (same type-face designer, Ed Benguiat, which I didn’t know).
Also, I like this mashup:


Yup, I heard about the Typeface designer, but really, it is utterly impossible to anyone familiar with Lynch’s TV show to miss the TWIN PEAKS environment/plot/underworld elements used extensively in Stranger Things. Yes the kids on bikes and oblivious parent are straight out of the Amblin playbook, but the conceptual ideas are way more Peaks.

It will be weird to revisit TWIN PEAKS in 2017 where everyone is OLD.

Sean Kelly

Apparently the Duffer Brothers wanted to direct this new IT, but the producers felt they weren’t established a lot. Ironically, the lead kid from STRANGER THINGS was also cast in IT.