Mamo 466: Viet Kong

Mamo covers its second lifetime regime of a King Kong as Legendary expands its cinematic universe with KONG: SKULL ISLAND. Spoilers: it’s a movie about a giant monkey

Matt Brown
Matt Brown co-hosts the Mamo!, Super Zero, Get Your Cast To Mars, and My So-Cast Life podcasts, and has a weekly column at Screen Anarchy called Destroy All Monsters. Imagine Thor crossed with a 12-year-old girl.


  1. Yup and then at the end of vs they will reluctantly grow to like each other and spend the next two movies battling the biggest of the baddest, even though Kong is only like two weeks away from freakin retirement.

  2. Shots fired on the Fast and/or Furious franchise Andrew! When can we get that Kong vs Dom Universal Monsters mashup? There’s a ridiculous fan theory out there that Toretto is a Terminator in Fate of the Furious. Wonder who has the deeper voice?

    • I hadn’t heard that theory but I actually jokingly said to my wife after the (awesome) trailer, that “I bet that’s an evil Dom robot.” Maybe it will turn out to be true. I have no problem with FF trying to one-up the last movie in terms of bigger and more ridiculous just to see how far they can take it. I love the escalation from 5 to 6 to 7 and now 8 where they’re fighting a nuclear submarine with a Lamborghini.

      Also Dom vs. Kong would be great. I’d put my money on Dom, especially if Big Rock is backing him up. If it’s the full family/crew then it’s not even a contest.

    • Shots fired? Are the Mamo Matts taking shots on my beloved Toretto Family?

      Also, somewhat unrelated: I heard that the “Now You See Me” franchise was kind of going in this direction. Is that true? The first movie I thought was horrible, but maybe if I look at it in the right light (as in, putting together a team of magic specialists to just pull off ridiculously impossible schemes/capers/heists), this series could actually be great? Sound off anyone who has seen both films and can confirm this “theory”.

      • I’ve only seen the first one (and strongly disliked it) but from all the trailers and analysis, the sequel has indeed headed into crime/heist territory with magic as window dressing. Depends on whether you view Morgan Freeman’s Thaddeus as its “Dominic Toretto”.


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