Cinecast Episode 474 – Logan, Get Out!

Two big movies getting rave(!) reviews from critics. Andrew and Kurt are less than enthused for at least one of them. I believe the phrase “masterpiece” is being thrown around alot these days for films that will mostly be forgotten in six months. Get Out manages to shake up the mold a little bit and there is some discussion to be had there. But the adoration for Logan is pure bafflement on both sides of the table. Kurt decides the American Western tie-in is a good opportunity to revisit the classic Shane. Andrew takes the race card to a different level with American History X. Also The HBO series keep on coming as well as a Zemeckis throwback from the turn of the millennium. This is a dusty car ride of a Cinecast that, unlike Logan, has a destination and a purpose.

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Opening/Oscars: :00 – 11:30
Logan Review: 11:37 – 51:50
Get Out Review: 51:51 – 1:26:48
The Watch List: 1:26:49 – 2:26:15
Next Week/Outro: 2:26:16 – 2:33:48
Closing Music: 2:31:45 – 2:35:09


Get Out



American History X
– “Big Little Lies” (s1/HBO)
Cast Away


10+ Years Later (Sunshine)


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    • In this particular case, I’ve had the same experience. I’ve been watching The X-Franchise since the first film came out in 2000. I think the idea of LOGAN is a fantastic one, but I think the execution could have been much better.

  1. I really enjoyed Logan. I think one reason me and others are enjoying it as much as we are is because we’re not expecting/hoping for it to be 90 minutes of Logan and the albino discussing what pills to give Xavier. It’s been 18 years, people are attached to the character at this point. In my screening, people were crying. Women and men alike. You have some valid points for sure but it’s also nitpicking to the extreme and I guess the movie just isn’t for you guys. Stuff like comparing Xavier freezing people with his mind as a knockoff Quicksilver sequence when Xavier has been doing that since the very first movie, long before Quicksilver. As for the kids running instead of fighting in the end, despite having powers they are just kids and have probably been conditioned all their lives to not fight these soldiers. Doesn’t make perfect sense but it didn’t bother me a ton. The action was good for me, also it makes sense to me that it’s pretty much down to fist fights seeing as Logan can barely move. Like I said, you do have some valid points as well though. I really didn’t like the Wolverine clone, I hope they stop doing that shit soon. Also, they were clearly in Mexico since he passed the border to get to the tank.

    Btw, I am no scientist but I thought batteries is something we’re struggling to come up with a good replacement for?

  2. I agree about Flight – it’s ok. Allied on the other hand, is 100% pure Oscarbait-y garbage. Cast Away is by far Zemeckis’ best film – as far as I’m concerned.

  3. BTW The US version of the Slap was based on an Australian miniseries from 6 years ago. But agreed, the US cast blows it out of the water. Only saw 1 episode but the writing wasn’t great.

  4. “Stephen Merchant and Stewart add some pathos to what should be a delightfully pathetic tale, but there’s not nearly enough suffering here for a film built on blades. It is, from quite early on, just a comic book movie with a bit more blood. It is not McCabe and Mrs. Miller or Unforgiven or any other film that makes you feel its violence as an actual element of drama; it is a Marvel movie with the action-style violence of Commando.”

    Most assuredly worth a read:


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