Friday One Sheet: Like Me

SXSW is coming, and since it is a slow and uninteresting week in posters this week, I thought I would highlight this eye-catching design for Glass Eye Pix’s colourful indie drama, Like Me. Imbued with a bunch of jarring elements, palm trees with Christmas lights, a vintage car on a beach, a white mouse on the shoulder of (presumably) the protagonist (who is subtly sporting a gun as well). I know very little about the film, but the poster posits that I should check it out. I look forward from the reports from the festival next week.

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Could be my eyesight but that title font looks identical to It Follows. But Addison Timlin is one to look out for indie circles (Little Sister, Odd Thomas), and it’s always great to see Larry Fessenden appear (or direct) in anything.

Andrew James

Also Holy Motors and Inherent Vice and Enter the Void and Nerve.

Andrew James

And I can think of a lot more that use actual neon signs – like Vacancy, Killer Joe, Drive, Byzantium, etc.