Trailer: The Circle

I just finished the novel of Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” a couple of nights ago. Just in time for a new trailer to hit the web. I have to say, I’m intrigued to watch this train-wreck of a story on the big screen. The book is basically a modernized, hipster version of Orwell’s “1984.” But it’s ridiculous and the characters are callous, pretentious, lack foresight and are generally “millenial” idiots. It’s also incredibly predictable and frustrating.

But here’s the thing, within the frustration, you can feel the author’s disdain for social media and the slow but inevitable loss of privacy. He writes his characters as idiots and easily brainwashed because… well, they can be. It’s an unfortunate reality exaggerated to make a point; i.e. satire. So maybe there’s something in there. Still, Tom Hanks and Emma Watson feels like poor casting choices and the only director I could see doing this movie proper is Paul Verhoeven. But since it’s James Ponsoldt (End of the Tour, Spectacular Now), I don’t see anything in here that’s going to be particularly edgy or anything we don’t already know or have thought of before.

At any rate, here’s Emma Watson, John Boyega and an admittedly interesting cast (Ellar Coltrane, Patton Oswalt, Bill Paxton) in the new trailer for The Circle; opening at a theater near you in April.