Trailer: It Comes at Night

When you see the above logo, you now you’re about to see something good; likely great. We’re probably looking at something here that is not an exception to that rule. You can tell by the awesome trailer they’ve cut. It’s got great mood, hints at something sinister and dark without giving us any details about what kind of world we’re in or what kind of evil we’re dealing with. Is it zombies? Is it ghosts? Is it a demon? Is it a disease? Is it simply a dangerous person? Or maybe it’s something more intangible or ethereal. Whatever is going on here, I wanna know more. And by the grace of (the almost always wonderful) Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough (American Honey), Carmen Ejogo, Christopher Abbot and acclaimed director Trey Edward Shults (Krisha), I’m going to find out this summer!

Take a look. What comes at night!?