How Bingo Stars in Movies

If you’re an avid movie watcher then you will most likely have seen scenes that focus on all kinds of activities. One popular type of scene focuses on bingo and how people from all walks of life play this game. These games may traditionally be thought of as one for the elderly but you’ll see something totally different in these games.

Adam Sandler is more thought of a live action star but he also makes an appearance in one of our favourite kids films. The animated Hotel Transylvania is a smash hit and within this movie you see a few monsters getting their fix on this game. The bride of Frankenstein is just one of these characters, she’s a classic Jersey woman and even fights with her fellow cheating players.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the only time that a Sandler movie has had a reference to this game, perhaps he’s a closet player. In his hilarious classic Happy Gilmour, his grandmother is stuck in a nursing home but there is one glimmer of hope in there.

The thrilling movie Rampage may be the last place you’d expect this game to be featured but it does make an appearance. The joke in the scene is that the hitman walks through the bingo hall in full body armour but the players are too engrossed in their game to notice. This is one of the top scenes from bingo movies because it really captures the spirit of the game and makes fun of the players too. Even those on bingo sites can get so engrossed in the game that they don’t notice the world around them.

If you’re a fan of slapstick comedy then you may have seen the next movie on our list, Bad Grandpa. The cast of Jackass decided to take their comedy to a new level with this creation, which sees Knoxville in full prosthetics. His aim in this movie is to be as gross and offensive as possible, so he heads to the bingo hall to complete this goal.

The fellow players in this hall have never played with someone quite like him and he’s going all out to gross them out. If you have a delicate temperament or stomach then this may be a movie you want to miss! Of course, playing on bingo sites means that most players avoid meeting kooky characters like this.

Those that love comedy films might know about Wog Boy, the Australian movie that says something about the welfare system in the country. The religious main character, played by Nick Giannopoulos, helps out at his local Greek Orthodox church by calling the numbers for the elderly in the halls. This hilarious scene really sets viewers up for the rest of the movie with plenty of jokes and hilarity to get you in the comedic mood.

We see bingo in movies more often than you’d think, these are just a few examples of our fave movies with the hobby thrown in for good measure. Each of these says something different about the group playing it or the average player, for better or for worse!