Mamo 463: Uber Iger

America is dying a very specific “Germany in the mid-1930s” sort of death, and even if we don’t know the outcome, we’re beginning to identify the collaborators. Not so Mamo-related when it’s a taxi company, but what about when it’s the chairman of Disney? What are our responsibilities to this “popular culture” we’ve been gabbing about for 12 years? Before you say “stay in your lane,” sorry friends, this shit is our lane.

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Bob S.

Happy to see that if you disagree with the two Matts on something you’ll be labeled a Nazi. Sigh…

I’m not a fan of my country’s current president. At the same time, his policies aren’t so different than the president he just replaced. The difference? Trump is a MUCH better manipulator. He’s playing you guys and most of the “I’m dropping Uber in protest” crowd like a fiddle. Meanwhile, the real problems of US presidents approving of and supporting spying on the masses, taking out American citizens abroad, and having an active “kill list” continue. Sigh…

Mark Stevens

Actually, Trump is too fucking dumb to truly play anybody except the cretins who voted for him. And if Bob S. thinks the cheeto’s policies aren’t that different from Obama, he obviously hasn’t seen the outside of his alimentary canal in years.


David Frum: Conservative commentator, ex-Bush #43 speechwriter, and Trump critic.
Have a listen. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

Matthew Price

I would have gone with fucking asshole but this works too


If this is to be the new look MAMO, I’m happily on-board

Bob S.

Either way, I listen to you guys. I enjoy the show, even when it’s a frustrating listen. Call me what you want. That’s fine. I’m not here to change minds, just point out that it sounds like A LOT of overreacting to stuff that’s been going on for quite some time. The person I voted for didn’t win, so I’m not happy about the current situation either.

Congrats to Matt Brown on the new gig. That sounds like the perfect job for him based on his enthusiasm for film and the local scene there.

Dave Nandes

Did something change with the iTunes feed? The last 4 episodes haven’t downloaded so I’m mainlining them all today at work.

Tried the unsub/resub trick and no dice.

Richard Vance

I wanted to make what I think it is an important correction that puts the Ban in better context

The Taxi Association didn’t wave all fares they had a full on Labor Strike in the vicinity of the airport in a move to protest and to congest the airport to slow down the processes underway.

The reason people were so mad at Uber (along with all the lingering frustrations with the company) is that they decided to use this period in which their competitors were taking a stand for political reasons to make a quick buck and interrupt the protest that was going on.