Cinecast Episode 470 – Delightful

With Kurt very decidedly out of the country, in a location housing only one movie screen, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to get into; but luckily Andrew is still playing catch-up on 2016 and we actually have, more or less, three full reviews today. First up is a good talk on the origin and evolution of The McDonald’s Corporation with Michael Keaton in The Founder. There’s a little more to this film than at first meets the eye. The Watch List this week is actually more like an extension of the main reviews with The GIrl with All the Gifts still making the festival circuit and available in VOD in some markets as well as arguably the performance of the year in Christine – and no it’s not a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Some tangents on other culture’s movie-going habits, the weather and William Fichtner makes for an all-around delightful show!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Opening: :00 – 12:28
Main Review: 12:29 – 43:03
The Watch List: 43:05 – 72:01
Outro: 72:02 – 77:54
Closing Music: 77:13 – 78:13


The Founder


The Girl with All the Gifts
Christine (2016)


Andrew on The Director’s Club Podcast (Danny Boyle)
Cinecast Episode 63 (Resident Evil: Extinction)
Cinecast from Tobago (2013)


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You don’t seem to have seen Silence yet. Based on your previous comments I’m guessing it’s the length that’s putting you off. Having seen it I’d recommend it.

It is indeed a long film, has some very long scenes and is quite slowly paced, but I found it compelling. It has great acting, from the 3 main Japanese actors to the Hollywood actors to the ensemble.

For me Scorsese and Schoonmaker are still masters of cinema.

If you’re going to review it it would be nice to have Matt Gamble contributing as he seems to really dislike the film. That would make for an interesting discussion.


we almost got to it on the YEAR-IN-REVIEW show. Matt & I have seen the film. Andrew not yet. I like it, Gamble, not so much.

Andrew James

Yeah with my work schedule it’s actually kind of difficult for me to see movies at all. Plus Silence is so long and also came out in the midst of a lot of family stuff going on in this household. Now with so much other stuff out there to see, I think this one may have to wait until VOD. But I do want to see it at some point.

And yes, Gamble should be on for that review!

Sean Kelly

According to the McDonald’s Nutritional Website, here is what’s in their milkshake:
Dairy Mix:
– milk ingredients
– sugar
– glucose
– soy mono and diglycerides
– guar gum
– dextrose
– artificial vanilla flavour
– carrageenan
– cellulose gum

Chocolate Syrup:
– glucose-fructose
– water
– cocoa
– natural (plant source) and artificial flavour
– salt
– potassiuim sorbate
– may contain small amounts of other shake flavours

(Vanilla and Strawberry have similar ingredients)


Out of context, Fichtner (Go dinner table scene) sounds eerily similar to Keaton. Could’ve even confused Confederated Products for one of Ray Kroc’s old Ponzi schemes. Big Fish even references it.

Sean Kelly

One of the reasons Glenn Close hasn’t been prominent in movies for a while was that she was the lead in the FX legal thriller series DAMAGES from 2007-2012. See also does a lot of theatre acting.