Cinecast Episode 466 – The Maelstrom of History

Happy New Year to all the Cinecast listeners and everyone around the globe! As Princess Leia once so eloquently and succinctly put it, “hope.” While we’re not quite ready for a full recap of the year (next week!), we do spend a significant portion of this show playing catch-up on titles possibly worthy of squeaking onto that year-end list. And there’s likely no better place to start this week than the very excellent Jackie from director Pablo LarraĆ­n. While we tangent once or twice on 70mm directors, the current state of the contemporary American western, Andrew’s postulation of his reaction if he were raped, shitty episodic television or Nolan’s idea of a running gag with Tom Hardy, most of this show is spent praising a lot of neglected films from 2016 and a certain forgotten gem from 2013. Some sound issues from Andrew’s end aside, this is a great old-fashioned Cinecast with lots of movies and tangents and good vibes for the new year. Enjoy!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Opening: :00 – 1:47
Happy New Year/Announcements: 1:48 – 8:33
Going to the Movies in December: 8:34 – 14:03
Jackie: 14:04 – 1:15:40
The Watch List: 1:15:41 – 2:42:30
Dunkirk clip / 70mm Imax: 2:42:30 – 2:55:06
Next Week/Goodbyes: 2:55:08 – 2:57:32
Closing Music: 2:57:20 – 3:02:16






Under the Skin

August: Osage County
– “The OA”
Maggie’s Plan
August: Osage County
Singin’ in the Rain
– 7-minute Dunkirk clip (discussion on 70mm and IMAX)



Jackie Kennedy white house tour
Styx: Master of Shadows (video game from Elle)
Paul Verhoeven & Isabelle Huppert | NYFF54



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Kurt Halfyard

If you want to read Theodore White’s (‘The Journalist’ character played by Billy Crudup in the film) actual hand-written notes (with Jackie Kennedy’s own amendments at the time, as depicted in the film) they are actually available online:

Also, the actual final version of the article, which was published in LIFE magazine: comment image?quality=85


What a start to a new year! fired šŸ˜€

Very understandable and last time i checked still male.

Everyone should have seen La pianiste/The Piano Teacher by now, Elle is very good The Piano Teacher is sublime.

Kurt, in Pablo LarraĆ­n’s The Club the guys in the house are all priests who have been retired by the church having committed various sins. from what i can remember most are paedophiles.

Happy New Year.

Andrew James

Ha! You certainly were not fired, you were let loose of doing something that was my responsibility to begin with. You’re free of medicating my laziness! But huge thank you for helping out and sticking with it for so long!

Happy New Year!

Sean Kelly

The Dunkirk clip played at the digital IMAX screening I saw Rogue One at. I guess it’s because the cinema is equipped with IMAX Laser projectors, which is the digital equivalent of 70mm (clip still covered full screen).