Debbie Reynolds: 1932 – 2016

Mere hours after her own famous daughter’s passing, actress and singing legend Debbie Reynolds has died at 84.

Much like her daughter, Carrie Fisher, Reynolds was discovered and put into a movie classic at a very young age, when she was cast by Louis B. Mayer at age 19 to be one of the leads in the now iconic musical, Singing In The Rain, alongside established greats Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelley.

Reynolds went on to star in films as diverse as Cinerama western How The West Was Won, the bio-pic Molly Brown, the coming out of the closet comedy with Kevin Kline, In & Out in 1997 and starred alongside of Albert Brooks’ in Mother. She released pop albums, had a television show, was president of a Mental Health association and ran a hotel in Las Vegas. While her personal life outside of show-biz was complex and had more downs than ups, she is a testament to industriousness and variety being the spice of life.