Cinecast Episode 465 – Ny Ny York

Award season is upon us and from here on out we’ll be diving into a lot of so-called “Oscar Contenders.” Perhaps no other film in 2016 is as universally lauded as Damien Chazelle’s La La Land starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Andrew and Kurt are finally able to put a discussion to this picture after Kurt had seen it months ago at The TIFF. Is it quite the spectacle everyone claims? From there, we quickly pound through a Watch List that includes Mozart in the Jungle, some b-level (c-level?) sci-fi horror pictures, Wes Anderson at his “most mature” and venture back to the Satruday morning cartoon cereals. This episode is kept a little tighter this week. If you want a little more from the guys, be sure to check out The Super Ticket with the Mamo Matts in which we talk a little movie called Star Wars Rogue One.

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La La Land



Grand Budapest Hotel
The Brain
Teddy Bomb
– “Retro Cartoon Series”

– “Mozart in the Jungle” (s3)



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Opening / Greeting: 01:18
La La Land (Spoilers!): 4:14
The Watch List: 42:52
Next Week / Closing: 1:22:32
Outro Music: 1:26:17

Damien’s romanticism with his subjects feels out of touch with what appears on screen. While I liked Whiplash a fair bit, it’s pretty telling that he didn’t get the right-wing ethos that was projected on his film by J.K. Simmon’s performance, which really carries the film. He was trying to criticize that viewpoint through exaggeration which almost did the reverse for audiences. He also seems to view L.A. through rose-tinted glasses.
And kudos to the Royal Cinema for screening The Brain. That’s some amazing C-level sci-fi trash. Very entertaining though. I remember the creature being legit creepy. Space Channel (Canada’s Syfy) used to air it in the 90s/aughts.

Sean Kelly

Is Kurt 3 years into the future, since I checked Malcolm McDowell’s IMDB page myself and it says he is 73.

Sean Kelly

If you are curious to check out TEDDY BOMB for yourself, the film has just been released on Vimeo on Demand –

Also, in some shameless self-promotion, here a podcast interview I did with Justin Decloux –