Cinecast Episode 464 – These Violent Delights

Through snow, cold, rain, holidays or malware, The Cinecast finds a way. Yes, despite RowThree being down for cleaning over the past few days, the boys managed to do some catch-up on 2016 movie releases get it all down on virtual tape. This week, Kurt and Andrew get into Todd Solondz’ “awkward comedy” Wiener-Dog and Kurt hits the theater for Jessica Chastain in Miss Sloane… maybe wishes he hadn’t. HBO finished up its first season of “Westworld” and the boys dig through that mess of wires and mazes. As always beware of SPOILERS! For The Watch List, Andrew works on catching up on some other 2016 movies that slipped through the cracks including Tom Hanks, Michael Shannon, Seth Rogen and more. Kurt spent his time hitting the big screen versions of some older gems including Meet me in St. Louis and Tampopo. Also Michael Keaton continues to own the twilight years of his career; this time by owning a McDonald’s franchsie. Join us on this joy ride.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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See comments for time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



Miss Sloane



– “Westworld” (s1)
The Founder
Meet Me In St. Louis

– “Westworld” (s1)
Sausage Party
Elvis and Nixon



Get Your Cast to Mars (s2 e2)



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Craig Dawson

Just a heads up, it doesn’t seem to be downloading on Itunes.

La Menthe

Are people still using that shit program? Boy, are Apple good at locking people in their ecosystem (one of many reasons why I left the iOS).

Try downloading an app call Pocket Casts, and subscribe to Row Three from there.

Craig Dawson

I don’t like having my music and podcasts on my phone so I’m still using a Ipod classic. Having everything on Itunes is just convenient.

Andrew James

Yep, Pocket Casts is what I’m using now too. Was using Podkicker for years and recently switched to this mostly for the discovery of new podcasts but stayed when I discovered all of the other features that are really nice (e.g. I love being able to set the beginning time for each podcast individually (i.e. starting the Cinereelist podcast 28 seconds in to skip that intro, etc.)).

Craig Dawson

Looks like the problem was at my end as I couldn’t get it off the link on here either. Strange thing is, all my other podcasts were fine.

Sorted now.

Andrew James

Can anyone else confirm this and I can look into it?
I refuse to download that bloated, confusing, horribly constructed, piece-of-shit software onto my precious desktop PC.

I’ve downloaded it onto three separate Podcast listening apps on my phone and it’s all good Chaka.


Had no issues last night. I download/streamed it from my Ipad.

Leave it to Kurt. Hasn’t seen or watched It’s A Wonderful Life, but HAS heard it in its entirety. Audiobook? No, Audioplay? No, watched it on mute? No. I should try that with Casablanca.

Sean Kelly

I downloaded the podcast fine and I use the iPhone podcast app.

Kurt Halfyard

Erratum on this Weeks Episode: Kurt Confusing Vincent Minelli and Roberto Rosellini! Oh boy. Enjoy the comedy of errors.

Markus Krenn

Oh Great, after waiting 6 Years for my Homework Price,
someone finaly refills my request and reviews Tampopo ….
Way too go Guys 😉

Kurt Halfyard

All we needed was an army of technical folks to restore it to 4K! Marvelous film, I hope my brief window of thoughts did it justice!


Opening / Greeting: 00:58
Wiener-Dog (Spoilers!): 11:21
Miss Sloane (Spoilers!): 40:13
Westworld Season 1 (Spoilers!): 55:27
The Watch List: 1:31:24
Next Week / Closing: 2:22:55
Outro Music: 2:25:04

Robert Reineke

Tampopo is a terrific film. Well due for a return to the big screen. Also by the same director, A Taxing Woman is quite good.

Andrew James

Westworld Security is incapable of detecting…

…when a host’s perception stat has been raised above the maximum allowable level.
…that a host is repeatedly awakening during maintenance sessions.
…when a host has had her ability to kill humans removed by a low-level butcher-class technician.
…that this same host has admin privileges and is blatantly using them to disrupt several narratives.
…that several of their own employees are vanishing and being killed on the premises.
…that hosts are repeatedly having off-script dialogue about meeting their makers and overthrowing the Gods.
…when the explosive failsafe device is removed from a host.
…that Ford has been operating several unauthorized facilities off-the-grid.
…that seemingly more than half of their employees are jerking off on the hosts during their shifts.
…and a lot more.
If there is one thing they are damn good at, it’s quickly detecting minute temperature imbalances in cold storage.


Also, Los Angeles is a world class city. Best Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Armenian food in North America. Haters gonna hate.

Andrew James

Yes I feel we unfairly maligned L.A. – it just seems that whenever L.A. is portrayed in the movies or on TV, it’s either Hollywood glitz or seedy, dirty slums (or traffic). No in between. Which is kind of why it’s awesome. But yeah, I’ve never been to Western California and need to get out there someday.