Lists. Lists! LISTS! (And A Montage)

“Shit just got real. Again.” Film critic and editor, David Ehrlich has compiled a beautiful year-end montage of the themes, moods and vibe of 2016 cinema, using, of all people, President Jimmy Carter, and his iconic state of the nation speech, as a framework. Take this as the initial kick-off of a series of best of lists that will continue until mid-January, 2017. This one is tough to beat.

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Mark Stevens

I remain boggled to see an atrocity like THE LOBSTER included. Everyone to their taste but . . . sheesh. This and Solondz’s WEINER-DOG were the ne plus ultra of “off-the-rails” WTF cinematic experiences of this year.

Meanwhile, a little treasure like Jeff Nichols’ MIDNIGHT SPECIAL died an unremarked death for reasons unknown.


I loved The Lobster. It was one of my top 5 drama films of the year, admittedly in a sparse year for good drama.

Kurt Halfyard

The Lobster is a fantastic film experience, precisely because it knows what it wants to be, and is uncompromising in its delivery of itself. This doesn’t make for 100% Rotten Tomatoes scores, this makes for the best kind of film, the kind that some love, some hate, and some walk away not even understanding what they got. All three reasons are valid, and the 3-Vector film is not as common as it used to be. All praise it. That is why it belongs on lists.

Kurt Halfyard

Also, I regret missing the latest Solondz, as I’ve seen every one of his films in the cinema since his debut in the 1990s, Weinerdog slipped through a busy summer schedule.

And furthermore, Midnight Special was amazing as well. Particularly bringing my kids to see the film, as I vividly recall going to see Firestarter with my parents in 1984 at the same age, and one film clearly inspired the other.

Andrew James

Wiener-dog is on VOD right now. I’ve been meaning to give it a poke for some time.


This is only the 2nd Solondz movie I’ve ever caught in theatres. He’s typically never gotten a proper theatrical release around here. That said, it might be his most cinematically pleasing film in parts. Theatre enjoyment comes moreso from the communal reaction than the film itself. It will hold up just fine on the small-screen.

Andrew James

For the lazy:

25. WEINER (iTunes / Showtime / DVD)
24. HIGH-RISE (Netflix / iTunes / DVD)
23. LEMONADE (Tidal)
22. THINGS TO COME (In theaters now)
20. ALWAYS SHINE (iTunes & in theaters now)
19. MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (in theaters now)
18. SWISS ARMY MAN (iTunes)
17. SILENCE (opens in limited release 12/23)
16. HAIL, CAESAR! (Blu-Ray / DVD / iTunes
15. THE WITCH (Blu-Ray / DVD / iTunes / Amazon Prime)
14. AMERICAN HONEY (in theaters now)
13. INDIGNATION (iTunes)
12. TONI ERDMANN (in theaters 12/25)
11. THE HANDMAIDEN (in theaters now)
10. THE LOVE WITCH (in theaters now)
9. THE LOBSTER (Blu-Ray / DVD / Amazon Prime / iTunes)
8. LA LA LAND (in theaters 12/9)
7. THE FITS (DVD / iTunes / Amazon Prime)
6. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS (iTunes, Blu-Ray & DVD on 12/14)
4. O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA (iTunes)
3. JACKIE (in theaters now)
2. SUNSET SONG (iTunes / Netflix / DVD)
1. MOONLIGHT (in theaters now)

Andrew James

Of these 25 films, I’ve seen 13. And only one will be in my top ten*

*OJ Made in America is debatable as a film eligible for a (my) list. Yes, it got a couple theatrical screenings, but it was a seven part mini-series on ESPN. Also it’s easily the best thing I’ve watched all year.


I don’t know how The Love Witch made the list. Seriously. I couldn’t get past the 20 minute mark. Also really happy to see both Kate Plays Kristine and Always Shine made the list – both feature excellent performances from up-and-coming talent.