Trailer: Beauty & The Beast

Disney is hard at work grinding out live action version of all their animated features. Emma Watson, Luke Evans and Dan Stevens do exactly what you expect them to do with lots of CGI and flowery movie sets, in this very familiar looking 2017 Beauty & The Beast directed by Bill “Kinsey” Condon. While I have certainly enjoyed Branagh’s Cinderella and Burton’s Alice In Wonderland (I missed Favreau’s Jungle Book, but by all accounts it is serviceable), fair warning that Dumbo, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid are all on the assembly line for handsome-but-forgettable consumption.

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Andrew James

I don’t know why I’m skeptical at this point. So far Disney is batting 1.000 with these live action remakes.

I’m actually really looking forward to The Little Mermaid and Dumbo.

The Jungle Book is more than serviceable. I foresee it being on a number of top ten lists this year – and with good reason!

Kurt Halfyard

You don’t think these retreads are disposable profit engines? Will anyone be watching or thinking about these films in 20 years? Note that the animated films (and often the source texts) have survived generations and are still watched/read/shared.

As much as I really liked what they did with CINDERELLA, I’ve not really thought about revisiting that film even once since its theatrical release, and I expect that by next year, I will have forgotten that they even made a live action version.

Andrew James

Well yes that may be true in many respects. But longevity isn’t always the measure of a great (or even a good) film. The Jungle Book for example – will I watch that thing over and over again? Definitely not, but it was one of the more enjoyable experiences in a theater this year. And by all accounts Pete’s Dragon is along the same lines.

If they take these lesser-known (and by all accounts not very good) animated cartoons and make them very grand, live action pictures, I’m all for it. Even if it’s just spectacle. The Jungle Book was awe-inspiring in terms of visuals – no one has ever really gotten talking animals to look quite right. Jon Favreau did it.