Cinecast Episode 460 – The Secret Handshake of Quality

American Honey leads this week’s discussion and the boys are wowed by the performance of Sasha Lane and Andrea Arnold’s ability to artistically and enthusiastically capture this certain sub-section of the American “Dream.” Moving quickly into comedy, we’re excited to have more Christopher Guest on our plate; even if it is ten years in the making. Does Mascots disappoint or exceed? Lastly, while “Game of Thrones” is on break, HBO continues to churn out top-notch content. This fall it is an extended take on Michael Crichton’s “Westworld” complete with a big budget and an animatronic Micheal Wincott. Needless to say, the sprawling nature of the show, the graphic violence and sex and the interesting questions it raises about humanity, robotics, corporate America and God are really up the proverbial alley of your humble hosts. For a Watch List this week, Kurt got out to see more from The Toronto After Dark Film Festival with Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Creepy (a Japanese version of The ‘burbs of all things!) while Andrew needed more of the western genre and opted to go top tier with Sergio Leone’s Once Upon a Time in the West.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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American Honey
“Westworld” (HBO s01e01-03)




Once Upon a Time in the West



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Rebels Without A Clue. I feel that would’ve been a better Layman’s title if they wanted to push American Honey beyond a film festival audience. Still want to see it. Obviously different but Bellflower could’ve benefitted from the same title.
Sweetwater is now called Sweet Vengeance in UK/Australia for some reason (copyright)?


Yes. SweetWater is also called Sweet Vengeance in Canada. Don’t know why they changed the title. It is still a very good western with a lot of oddity and quirk for good measure!


Opening / Greeting: 00:56
American Honey (Spoilers!): 06:55
Mascots (Spoilers!): 51:14
Westworld (HBO s01e01-03) 1:07:16
The Watch List: 1:57:49
Next Week / Closing: 2:14:57
Outro Music: 2:20:54

Sean Kelly

I started catching up on WESTWORLD yesterday after missing the first few weeks. I like what I see.


I think one thing Westworld may be about is writing, the full of himself writer’s new adventure, dismissed by Anthony Hopkins as the jump scares etc lack of substance writing that plagues current cinema, versus quality writing that touches something real in the audience, and the ‘real stakes’ introduced in episode 4.

When I heard about Westworld I wasn’t particularly excited about it, thinking where exactly can it go other than in very obvious directions, but after a back-burner of a pilot I find myself being slowly drawn in. The way the show deals with the hosts revolt seems interesting but, at this point, predictable, while still being engaging.

It’s the Anthony Hopkins versus Ed Harris conflict, with Arnold at it’s core, that I’m looking forward to the most.

I’m loving the music, both ost and song cues, and I totally disagree with Kurt re Thandie Newton, I think she’s a good actress.

Andrew James

It’s the writing but also the personal growth (or lack of growth) i.e. arc that the characters are undergoing. Some of it is cheesy “LOST” stuff, but why I like this way better than something like “Ex Machina” is the methodical nature at getting at questions about A.I. and how humanity will/should/does interact with it and treat it. The nature of consciousness and intelligence and ‘what is life’ and all of the questions are being slowly explored. Things that don’t need to be spelled out are slowly looked at through story and things that do need an explanation are given to us when needed (like the mechanics of how things work – though I’m still waiting for the explanation of how the guns work).

Sean Kelly


A major theory going about now hypthesizes that the two major plotlines of WESTWORLD are taking place in two separate timelines.

Here is a pretty good video that breaks it all down –


I’m pretty sure the show’s partially about actual writing, screenwriting in particular, e.g. it was revealed that Westworld towns further out, with more interesting and complex storylines aren’t as popular with customers as Marvel movies / central Westworld storylines.

Kurt Halfyard

This is very well done: