Cinecast Episode 459 – De-Scarify

Some differences of opinions on this week’s episode. Because Gamble is not here, we are civil about it and it never comes to blows – sorry about that. We might try to step things up a notch on the tension scale for future episodes, but perhaps we will stay in casual discussion mode for a while. At any rate, this week we are reviewing Benna Fleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, et. al. in Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant. Next up, we pre-cover a little bit of Toronto After Dark Film Festival with their Friday screening of The Lure.

For The Watch List, both of the guys look back a month or two at previous 2016 releases. Kurt is hopeful that there is an extended version of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children out there somewhere to enjoy, while Andrew is kind of wishing that Nerve never existed in the first place. As a quick side tangent, Kurt relished Thirteen Days after last week’s discussion. Andrew secretly watched most of it again too.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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The Accountant
The Lure



Thirteen Days
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children




Toronto After Dark – lineup, trailers, tickets, info



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Kurt Halfyard

Forgot to mention in the show that one of the key visual strengths of THE ACCOUNTANT is that it makes great use of shooting on 35mm. The grain is just enough to give a little extra ‘weight’ to the images, at least for someone who likes that sort of thing. I am happy that a few directors are still shooting films this way.


I’m very hit or miss with Gavin O’Connor as well. He’s never been a director on my radar but I have incidentally seen several of his films. Miracle is fine for a stereotypical Disney underdog drama [much of the film was shot near my location]. Don’t remember much from Pride and Glory other than the above-average performances. Glass House is pretty bad. I think Warrior is genuinely good but that might be due to the acting and fight-sequences rather than the cliché storytelling. The funniest comparison to the Accountant I’ve heard is Good Bourne Hunting. Some Matt Damon ghost-screenwriting credits?


Opening / Greeting: 01:00
The Accountant (Spoilers!): 07:03
The Lure (Spoilers!): 37:30
The Watch List: 1:01:37
Next Week / Closing: 1:44:44
Outro Music: 1:48:11
FWIW Pride and Prejudice isn’t in the top 20 most watched programmes in Britain. most of the top 20 is made up of soaps plus Miss World 1967 is 9th (found that odd). Chris O’Dowd’s Irish

Andrew James

“Chris O’Dowd’s Irish” – was going to say something and just decided to let it go. I think he does an American accent in “Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel”. I also liked him more recently as the Catholic school teacher in “St. Vincent.” That character was such a breath of fresh air. They’re usually written as overly strict, abusive assholes. It was nice to see a guy talk frankly about religion and learning in that context.

Really liked that movie surprisingly.

Andrew James

Also looking forward to watching MASCOTS this week (we’ll review it on the show next week) which also has O’Dowd joining the Chris Guest cast. I’m pretty excited actually.

Sean Kelly

He had an American accent for his recurring role on the first couple seasons of GIRLS.


This episode was a clusterbomb of small errors….like the rest of our episodes!

Andrew James

Yeah he has an American accent in a few things. Probably a British accent in the Lance Armstrong movie – don’t remember specifically though.

Sean Kelly

I thought I would point out that that the Amy Lee (the singer from Evanescence) is NOT in REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA (which I actually become quite fan of after buying it on blu-ray last year). I’m guessing you were confusing Sarah Brightman for her.

Also, I’m with Kurt in the “I love THE LURE” club. Though I should add that I also love SING STREET (more).