Cinecast Episode 458 – The Opposite of a Pass

Kurt and Andrew get into a little bit smaller film this week with Joshua Marston’s Complete Unknown in which it’s kind of unnecessary to praise Michael Shannon at this point, but we do reckon with the fascinating filmography of one Rachel Weisz and come to agree that she’s one of the more interesting big name actresses working today. Next up, Kurt dives into the multi-plex for some Big Hollywood thriller with Emily Blunt and her train riding. Sorry folks, it’s not as exciting as it sounds. Next up, apparently The Light Between Oceans is too depressing for even our computers to listen to and so it decides to cut out some of what Kurt is saying. We get the gist though and despite divisive opinion, he manages to convince Andrew it’s worth a watch. Lastly, Andrew goes back to revisit a sequel to one of his more beloved films, Bill and Ted. This week, those crazy kids find themselves going to hell, heaven, purgatory and wouldn’t ya know it, the future! But does it work as a film in 2016? And finally, Kevin Costner makes a triumphant return to the Cinecast when we talk once again about the greatness of the Kennedy administration – or at least how it’s portrayed on screen in Thirteen Days. Hashtag better than Stone/Morris.

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Complete Unknown
Girl on a Train



The Light Between Oceans

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
Thirteen Days



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Opening / Greeting: 01:39
Complete Unknown (Spoilers!): 12:09
Girl on a Train (Spoilers!): 50:15
The Watch List: 1:11:09
Next Week / Closing: 1:58:44
Outro Music: 2:04:26

Kurt Halfyard

New information came to me today regarding the Canadian theatrical release of COMPLETE UNKNOWN. I indicated in the show that it was in limbo, but now it is getting a cinema release, albeit in Toronto, only on one screen on Oct. 14th.


Complete Unknown isn’t on Amazon UK yet which seems a little strange.

Andrew James

Not sure how it works across the pond exactly, but it in the Google Play store if you’re interested:

David Brook

It’s not live on UK’s Google Play store yet, but it’s listed ready for when it does come out –


It’s almost as if Amazon want you to pirate it! Cinema releases that are staggered is at times understandable, but when it’s one company who have the rights and they stream to loads of markets it makes no sense.

I could easily go on Kodi and stream it and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it at all. I’ll wait but how many people will just go ahead.


I must say that this is frustrating with iTunes Canada and iTunes USA, we usually have to wait a week or more longer on small titles. It’s not a huge deal, because there is so much out there to watch, that my options are nearly endless, but if I do have my mind set on something, the temptation to use a USA IP Address is hard to resist.