Mamo 456: Lick Icing Off My Ring


It’s time to close up the summer of 2016 with respect to box office, and the box office contest! We anoint a new winner and talk about the summer that sorta wasn’t.

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Kurt Halfyard

The Ice Age franchise has a lot in common (box-office wise) with the tail end of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. International Box Office seems to drive the endless sequels. (Note: Worldwide, Iceage5 made over $400M).

Agree though, those films are awful. I’ve seen 2 of them. And that is enough.

Any year that had Kubo & The Two Strings and Little Prince is a good year for animated storytelling is a good year. THE RED TURTLE is also excellent, but looks like it won’t be out until January 2017. I also liked Zootopia, but happily skipped Secret Life of Pets, Finding Dory, Storks, Angry Birds, and the Robinson Crusoe one. Still lots of junk in the family marketplace.


Hey anyway to retrieve log in for box office comp website? I put in SLOP woop woop

Listening to some mamo classics, u know cause is the pop culture podcast dead?

Like the idea of new comp, but potentially no winners? Don’t lose ur fanboys man, thanks in advance for The reduction in number crunching day dreams come the few hours Australia is May whilst y’all still in April.