Mamo 454: Freeballin’


Mamo has come a long way in 11 years, and it’s time to address the inevitable changes in our direction. Plus: Suicide Squad, consumer culture at the movies, and a bit of Stranger Things love.

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Rick Vance

I was in a weird spot with Suicide Squad

I like Ayer’s movies
I am one of the people who like the concept and original incarnation (it is one of the best DC Comics ongoing series that has ever existed, and Boomerang is one of the best parts of it)
But these movies generally do not have good action, and the apathy I got from people in response to the movie is what kept me away, it is what tends to keep me away from all the Superhero outings these days.

Kurt Halfyard

In terms of key DC/Warners people losing their jobs over Suicide Squad (and Superman/Batman), I’m not so sure, if you look at the straight box-office, nobody is losing money here. SS is already at $225M domestic and headed to profit…

Kurt Halfyard

Also wise move on BOURNE. It’s objectively terrible.

Andrew James

Terrible is a strong word. It’s a needless rehash of things we’ve already seen… with some terrible performances and…

ok ok, it’s pretty terrible.


It’s funny to think that the Kickstarter model has seeped its way into film-watching self entitlement. As a viewer, you are entitled to sit down in the theatre, watch (or not watch) the film, and laud or criticize the film afterwards. I think people nowadays mistake a Movie Trailer for “Intro-scan” on old CD players (remember those?).

Matthew Fabb

The Wall Street Journal had a very MAMO-esque article recently on the summer box office. So far the box office is up 1% from 2015, but one of the big differences is the number of big tentpole movies. I think they are looking at budgets, anything over $100 million of which in the summer of 2015 there were 11 such films, while in 2016 there were 17 such films. That in order for all these 17 movies to have been a success, box office would have had to risen 20% to 30%.

Another interesting statistic, by this time last year 7 original live-action movies made over $75 million (not just the summer by the whole year up to this point). This year only 2 original live-action movies have made over that. This is specifically focusing on live-action since animation consistently has success with original movie.

Sean Kelly

I agree fully with how the negative reviews for Suicide Squad seem a bit exaggerated.

A bunch of people on my Letterboxd feed rated the film half star, which it a rating I’ve only personally used a handful of times for films I want to forget I’ve even watched.

I save Suicide Squad a more honest three stars.

Tony D'Amico

I’m glad you mentioned the concept of people complaining about not getting their money’s worth, or not getting what they expected or what they think they ate owed. This is something that has bothered me for awhile. I realize this is a broad statement and probably just my opinion, but we aren’t owed a fucking thing from the studios.

Unless your a producer thar was promised one thing and got something else for your millions of dollars, we as the consumer should expect nothing.
Like Price said, he went in open minded since he knew nothing about the source material and in turn, enjoyed himself. I’m in agreement with him, o had a good time and was fully entertained, it wasn’t an amazing movie, but not everything has to be. I’m 36 and I’m starting to think the whole entitlement thing that millennials have is getting worse and worse. If your going to cry about 12 dollars being wasted because the film was so bad it offended you, maybe you shouldn’t be going to the movies. I’ve always maintained that you should expect nothing in life except death.

Anyway, sorry if that is a little soap boxy, but i just feel if people would get less emotionally distressed about something as insignificant as a film intend to entertain masses, they would enjoy life a bit more.

Sean Kelly

I’m sorry to break it to you, but being 36 makes you (barely) a millennial yourself, since the generally accepted definition of that generation is everyone born between 1980 and 1994.

In fact, most people born within the last twenty years are now starting to be classified in a new generation known as either Generation Z or the iGeneration.


I was really hoping that the ‘SWIPE GENERATION’ moniker catches on for the current generation 2003-2020, as this generation grew up unlocking phones and tablets before they could speak or walk.

Kurt Halfyard

Millennial entitlement? The Baby-Boomers are very likely most entitled generation in the western world, and GenX is flush with entitlement too. I’d say entitlement is a privileged human thing. Independent of generation, gender, race, etc.