Cinecast Episode 451 – The PTSD is Palpable

After some infectious diseases ravaged through the third row, The Cinecast returns as healthy as ever, albeit a day late. However, as promised we’ve got a review for one of the indie darlings of the year in Hunt for the Wilderpeople from Thor 3 and What We Do in the Shadows director, Taika Waititi. The De Palma retrospective starts back up this week heading into Vietnam with Casualties of War; where there are no rules. The Watch List this week consists of time travel and spaghetti westerns and disasters and zombies and apocalypses and animated talking roses and Indian mafias and 80s slop-raunch and Werner Herzog. It will all make sense later.

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See comments for time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



Hunt for the Wilderpeople



Casualties of War



Train to Busan
Up the Creek / Gangs of Wasseypur
Once Upon a Time in the West
Ghostbusters (2016)

Into the Forest
Peggy Sue Got Married
The Little Prince



TIFF Lightbox De Palma retrospective
Correction: the Sam Neil documentary, (Cinema of Unease: A Personal Journey by Sam Neill) is not available on YouTube.



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Sean Kelly

It was a big coincidence that I happened to rent GANGS OF WASSEYPUR last weekend. I thought that it was merely OK and I really noticed the length (despite the fact that I watched Part 1 & 2 on separate days).

I actually looked it up on Netflix and it’s actually split into eight 43 minute episodes.


Not to steal Sam Neil’s thunder, but there is an interesting follow-up to Cinema of Unease called “OUT OF THE MIST: An Alternate History of New Zealand Cinema“. Worth watching.

Kurt Halfyard

Whoa! Seeking this out immediately!

Sean Kelly

Dan Aykroyd’s family actually has a history in paranormal investigation and his father wrote a book a few years ago called “The History of Ghosts” (I actually own a copy signed by both, since I attended a talk by both at the Royal Ontario Museum)


Interesting. I guess I was here for that malware thing on the site. I was searching for an old review and I got a malware pop-up about my Mac being vulnerable. It even tried to look like a Safari browser page even though I was on Chrome. I couldn’t close the the window/browser so I forced shut down. All is perfectly well. Glad to know it was just your site and not something that actually got on my computer.

On another note, I want to say THANK YOU!
For years I was trying to recall what movie I had seen as a kid that took place in some sort of jungle involving a war. I remembered very specifically the train track scene. I kept trying to search for it all these years with no luck basing it one detail, an actor. I was searching for the wrong actor. This entire time I was convinced it was Emilio Estevez, but I learned now that it was Michael J. Fox. Good stuff.


In-house business: 01:44
Hunt for the Wilderpeople [Spoilers] 07:57
De Palma Retrospective – Casualties of War 32:32
The Watch List: 1:07:44
Next Week: 2:55:25
The End: 3:00:18


Just rewatched Up the Creek. I know for sure that I saw this when I was a kid, but I didn’t recognize one scene. It’s great. Tim Matheson is Bill Murray-esque when it comes to hitting on women. I dare say it’s on the same level as other classic 80’s sex comedies like Revenge of the Nerds and Porky’s. My god the 80’s was sooo white.

Kurt Halfyard

It’s super fun. Tim Matheson is indeed great, but so is Heather Merryweather (Jennifer Runyon)