Mamo 453: Barco Lounger


We’re back! Team Mamo checks in on the summer of 2016 with comments on Pixar, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, and Justice League. Plus: we bring the gavel down on Barco Escape, and coo about Brie Larson.

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Matthew Fabb

Thanks for that review of Barco Escape, as I was curious if I should go check it out or not.

Matthew Price, were you just joking around or did you attend any San Diego Comic Con events? As there is a lot going on and a lot of various screenings (both movies & episodes of tv shows that have yet to air) around the conference. The Woods debuted only for attendees of that screening to discover that it was a Blair Witch sequel. James Cameron presented a 4K screening of Aliens, in which he apparently personally oversaw the transfer from the original film negatives and worked to make sure the colour correction was done properly. Cameron, Sigourney Weaver & Gale Anne Hurd did a Q&A afterwards.

Last year it was estimated around 60,000 people attended SDCC without a pass and just attend the various satellite events & screenings.

It was also interesting to see at SDCC, fewer films and fewer studios promoting their material. Marvel Studios was there, but there was no longer a Disney panel. 20th Century FOX also dropped out for the first year, complaining about Hall H trailers leaking to the web and it being too hard to control anymore. Meanwhile in that void, tv shows were bigger than every appearing in bigger halls at the convention and more outside events than before.

I think part of the issue is how hard it is to compete against all the other studios. Especially as DC Comics with Warner Brothers & Marvel Studios just dominates the news cycle. I mean there was a new Fantastic Beasts trailer and all of Hall H got plastic Harry Potter wands that used all together triggered extra lights and effects to come on in the room. Yet that barely got a mention with the new Wonder Woman, Justice League trailers and all the new Marvel news.

That said, while some studios who skipping out on presenting in Hall H, most still had a big booth on the exhibitor floor.

The other issue is that tv shows continue to become more important to fandom over movies. This trend has been going on for years now, as the quality of tv shows has improved and fans for particular shows have become more dedicated. There were no movies or studios presenting in Hall H on Friday, yet with tv shows like the Walking Dead & Game of Thrones, yet the line up started early Thursday morning, with the first fans in line waiting just a bit under 24 hours. Also it seemed that more tv shows were spending more money at SDCC with presentations and events.