Mamo 452: Represent


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has invited a slew of under-represented demographics to join their voting ranks this year. So is that… good? We discuss, plus all the usual blather about big fuckin’ giants and swimming with the fishes.

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Matthew Fabb

It feels like this MAMO was made just one day too early, because if it was made today it could have included the news & reaction to the new Iron Man being a black woman named Riri Williams. Once again, I do hope further down the road when the main actors from the Marvel cinematic universe step down from their roles, that continue on with these new characters. With Riri Williams as Iron Man, Jane Foster as Thor, Sam Wilson aka Falcon as Captain America, Amadeus Cho as the Hulk, etc. I also hope that with a Captain Marvel movie might mean that there is room for Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel.

Also anyone wanting an antidote for the ansty Superman from the Batman V. Superman now in “Ultimate Edition”, on Netflix (at least Netflix Canada) they have two of the really great Superman animated movies, “All-Star Superman” and “Superman Vs the Elite”. The later which storyline could be summed up in this modern age should Superman kill? It almost feels like a response to Man of Steel despite coming out a year before it and based off a comic book “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?” that came out in 2001.

As for “All-Star Superman”, it’s just such a wonderful and fun Superman story, adapting what is still likely the best Superman story written in the last 15 years or so.

Sean Kelly

I’m curious if you plan on seeing the new animated film for BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, which will be playing theatrically for one night before it’s released on blu-ray.

I’m actually quite stoked to see this dark, R-rated story.

Rick Vance

I think Superman is very much like the Fantastic Four that wanting to put that story in a more modern era will result in severe changing of the character, not by them changing but the environment they grow up in changing.

Matthew Fabb

Not qutie a comment on this particular episode of MAMO, but in discussion of the future of film, I’ve mentioned for the last 2 years or so that virtual reality is likely to be a big part of that. It was announced earlier this year that IMAX plans on setting up 6 VR theatres to try it out.

Anyone interested in checking out some VR, today until Sunday at the TIFF Lightbox they are having an VR pop-up exhibition. This is the 2nd one that they have had and there will be 3rd one August 19th to 21st.

The one this weekend is focusing on Empathy & Real World Storytelling. Looks like they will have at least 18 short VR films set up. You pay a ticket of $23.75 (I think it is cheaper for TIFF members) and then have a 2 hour block to see whichever VR films that you are interested in.

If anyone goes, I recommend checking out the piece called Pearl, which was funded by Google. It was directed by Patrick Osborne who’s worked as an animator on Zootopia, Big Hero 6 and Wreck-It Ralph. It’s about a girl & her dad and is incredibly well done.

People are still figuring out the medium of VR, but there’s some great and cool pieces in there.