Cinecast Episode 446 – Needlessly Sleazy

We may have to sprint for the end on this one. Time constraints is our enemy this week but we’re powering through undaunted; just like Brian DePalma filming a big-budget picture. This week we feel a little bit bad about staring at Blake Lively’s ass (a little bit) in Jaume Collet-Serra’s The Shallows. We also get to (finally!) talk about the De Palma documentary, aptly titled De Palma. This segues nicely into his 2002 film, Femme Fatale. Unlike previous sessions of our ongoing De Palma retrospective, there’s a difference of opinion on this one, who loves it and who was not in love?

On the blockbuster front, Kurt smartly stayed away, but Andrew couldn’t resist catching up with a 20-years-in-the-making sequel to see if Jeff Goldblum still has what it takes to save the planet from invading aliens. Spoiler: he does, but no one else really does. Andrew zips through a quick watch list that includes a first time watch of Harold & Maude, a light-hearted look at the abortion issue in Obvious Child and Danny Boyle forces you into a straw filled with piss… and man you get thirsty. We dip our toes into other things in this brisk, but packed, show as well. It’s not a dream.

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The Shallows
De Palma (documentary)



Femme Fatale



Independence Day: Resurgence
Harold & Maude
Obvious Child
127 Hours



TIFF Lightbox De Palma retrospective
Mission to Mars defense piece
Get Your Cast to Mars (Mission to Mars episode)
After the Hype podcast talks Independence Day



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Andrew James

In regards to “Obvious Child,” I think I need to make it a mission to watch all A24 films. Starting now with The Laggies.

Andrew James

…which was a bit eye-rolling. Thank God for Knightley and Rockwell.

Andrew James

One thing we didn’t really talk about in The Shallows is the use of the giant, dead whale. That’s how to use props!

Andrew James

The more I think about Independence Day 2, the more I dislike it. The problem lies with its timeline I think. One of the main things that makes the original so great was the world. It was F-15 Tomcats and primitive laptops against an alien force. That shot of Top Gun firing all of their sidewinders at the giant ship was awesome. The fight against the smaller ships through the canyon was fun and entertaining. Now everyone has lasers and space ships it just looks and feels boring. Nothing looks good and there is no “underdog excitement.”

The shitty acting is starting to piss me off too. And the Vivica Fox story line… gimmie a fucking break. Why is that in there? It’s not believable, does nothing to further the story and the “big emotional moment” with her is just stupid.

I seriously hate this movie. Or maybe I hate it for making me hate it.


Right there with ya


In-house business: 03:08
The Shallows: 4:45
De Palma (documentary) 23:55
De Palma Retrospective: Femme Fatale 33:22
The Watch List: 1:02:36
Back in Time Episode: 1:38:09
Next Week: 1:39:58
End: 1:46:37

Sean Kelly

The only one of the new Independence Day 2 actors that’s really a nobody is the guy playing Will Smith’s son. Liam Hemsworth was already known for The Hunger Games and Maika Monroe is coming into this film straight from her breakthroughs in It Follows and The Guest.

Andrew James

Well, the two nerdy “funny” guys are nobody of note (yes they’re in stuff but it’s safe to say they are not household names). Angelababy is apparently in a bunch of stuff I’ve never seen – those films must have needed plastic people for some role. The other Asian guy on the force. I don’t care if they’re newcomers or A-listers, terrible in every shape and form.

Sean Kelly

Angelababy (real name Yang Ying) is obviously in there to cater to the booming Chinese market. The film credits of hers that I recognize are TAI CHI ZERO, TAI CHI HERO, RISE OF THE LEGEND, and HITMAN: AGENT 47.