Girls on Pop – Episode 4: More TV?

We feel your pain...
We feel your pain…

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the world of pop culture and inside the latest episode of Girls on Pop, Sarah (@iBrockely) and I (@themarina) talk about some of the big news of the last few weeks – from the restructuring at Warner Bros. which had the online movie world all up in arms to the TV upfronts which recently wrapped up (we recorded the show splat in the middle of up fronts week).

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Show Notes:

Opening Music: “Castle” Opening Theme

1. WB restructuring discussion

2. TV upfronts week discussion
– “Supergirl” moving to Vancouver and CW
– “Agent Carter” cancelled
ABC trailers
Fox trailers
NBC news and trailers

3. Captain America: Civil War dicussion

Closing Music: Alan Silestri’s “Captain America Main Titles

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People did miss the boat on Jupiter Ascending. Great ideas and badass B-movie sci-fi fun. Easily better than Hunger Games.


I liked Jupiter Ascending for several reasons, and I tend to give the Wachowski’s a pass in all things non-CloudAtlas, the derivative plotting was close to a dealbreaker, it was offset by the wonderful Gilliam Cameo and Brazil homage in the middle!