Cinecast Episode 442 – Pre-Madonna

For whatever reason, X-men seems to be the one Marvel franchise that your hosts seem to have some amount of loyalty to. Even though we all know that the third one is the worst, we traverse the murky waters of X-Men: Apocalypse – the “third one” in the slightly rebooted version of the franchise. With a busy week schedule-wise, there wasn’t much else to talk about, but Andrew threw together a quick, Memorial Day Watch List that includes very early Costner, Robert Mitchum vs a submarine and the very first film for Tom Cruise and Sean Penn. We meander a little bit around the state of the current multi-plex, but ultimately pledge to be back with an all-new Top Five list next and some other goodies. Have a seat and take a listen!

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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X-Men: Apocalypse



The Nice Guys

The Enemy Below
No Way Out



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Andrew James

So I may have been wrong about Taps being his first film, Tom Cruise was in a Zeffirelli film in 1981 – though low on the bill. So other than that and Lions for Lambs, I’ve seen them all.

Kurt Halfyard

I think I’ve seen the Zeffirelli film (with Brooke Shields). I recall it not being very good.


I would not mind seeing book and music review when it is a slow week. Like, it would be interested to hear your reactions to the new Radiohead album. Anyways, keep up the great work!

Sean Kelly

I think the reason they had Angel/Archangel in X-Men: Apocalypse is that he was traditionally one of the horsemen in the comics.

Same for Psylocke, who was ALSO previously in X-Men: The Last Stand (albeit as a less faithful depiction)

Andrew James

EDIT: The French thriller “fugitive” movie I couldn’t think of is called Tell No One. Which is great by the way.


Did not know Canet directed himself in that film, interesting.
I barely remember anything from Taps or All the Right Moves though I definitely recall seeing them in one sitting. I always forget that Tom was in Outsiders too (although that film adaptation is far more memorable).

Kurt Halfyard

TELL NO ONE is great. Canet’s most recent directorial effort, 2013’s BLOOD TIES (a 1970s set cop drama with Clive Owen, Marrion Cotillard, James Caan, Zoe Saldana, Matthias Schoenaerts, Billy Crudup, and Mila Kunis) is utter garbage.


In-house business: 01:12
X-Men: Apocalypse [SPOILERS] 7:11
The Watch List: 56:48
Next Week: 1:22:19
End: 1:33:17
As a big fan of Ken Loach i’m hoping I, Daniel Blake will get more attention than his other films have received over the last few years thanks to winning the Palme d’Or. it’s about time the world sees what 2016 britain really is instead of the usual upper crust accents and petticoats.


Agreed. Besides Loach, Arnold and Leigh are trying to show what the majority of Britain faces these days.


Having finally decided to ignore the reviews and see X-Men, I really don’t get all the accusations levelled at Jennifer Lawrence that she was ‘phoning it in’. I thought she was pretty good.

I thought Sophie Turner took a little time to grow into her role, but near the end I was emotionally affected, if briefly, by the film and she and Lawrence were the two main reasons.

Given that he was effectively wearing a mask for the duration of the film, I thought Oscar Isaac was good too.

It was overlong, a bit muddled, was boring for longish stretches in the first half, the villains didn’t live up to their powers and there were too many characters.

I think Wolverine not being in the film would have improved it and Psylocke just seemed to be there to enable another character to have a key moment.

Despite those criticisms I’d watch this film again, but wouldn’t choose to re-watch the more ordinary Captain America, bar the airport fight.

The best comic book entertainment I’ve seen thus far this blockbuster season was the pilot of Preacher.

It was well written, stylishly directed and very engaging. Favourites for me were Dominic Cooper in the lead role, Tom Cruise and Preacher’s Irish buddy.

They really should give Rogen and Goldberg a comic book / superhero film and make an Evan Peters Quicksilver film. Combining all three would make for a fun movie.