Come. It is time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.

We do not often post music videos around these parts, but when they are as good as Radiohead’s latest, for their single, “Burn The Witch,” well, we can make an exception. The shadow of Robin Hardy’s 1973 film is a long one, turning up in things as far apart as Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz and Roger Avery’s The Rules of Attraction and Julian Gilbey’s A Lonely Place To Die.

And now here.


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I haven’t kept up with Radiohead in the past couple years but that was awesome.
Pitchfork has already put out an opinion piece:
Interesting to note a Trumpton animation connection regarding right-wing politics. Wasn’t that re-broadcast on PBS in the 80’s?

mike rot

Thom’s delivery of the chorus, it sounds like Burn the Rich.