Friday One Sheet: The Girl On The Train

A simple, but quite lovely, design for the upcoming adaptation of the novel, The Girl On The Train. I have not read the book, but clearly the designers are aimed at ‘you will not see what is coming’ with the zipper/train motif on a woman’s back, as she faces away from us. They used the stylized type from the cover of the source novel, fine, but why use a different font (and colour) everywhere else? Not entirely sure. It’s a quibble in an otherwise pretty striking, yet delightfully minimal poster.

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Mark Stevens

Why use a different font everywhere else? Legibility. That logo font only works in a headline setting.

Andrew James

Font combinations are a tricky art. There are handy guides online that help designers use various fonts in conjunction with one another.

With posters it’s obviously different, but with blogs, using a catchy header font combined with a corresponding body font can be very handsome… and effective.

Andrew James

As for this movie, my wife and I could only get through about 1/3 of it before we were annoyed with the characterization. The trailer didn’t do much to excite me about the movie version – despite my love for Emily Blunt, who can seem to do no wrong at the moment.