Cinecast Episode 437 – It’ll Play Well in Europe

From nothing to see to too much to see. Such is the first world life in the third row. Luckily there is VOD and Kurt and Andrew can at least confer on the latest hype amongst the internet’s genre-film fanboys, The Invitation. From there, Andrew is suckered into the critical acclaim of the latest Jon Favreau joint, The Jungle Book and it really wouldn’t be a classic Cinecast without some tongue-bathing of Kevin Costner – yeah, he’s in a movie this weekend; you probably haven’t heard. Matt Gamble has all but vanished but we still managed to get into some movie experiences both theatrically and on the home screen worth mentioning. More Richard Gere is in store, Kurt heads back to the Y2K scare with Ralph Fiennes in sexy wardrobe and Angela Bassett in tight braids. Plus rep cinema VVitchy goodness in Toronto with 1983 occult gem Eyes of Fire.

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The Invitation
The Jungle Book



Strange Days
Eyes of Fire

Robocop (2014)
The Cotton Club



Article on Karyn Kusama’s career

Kidz Talk Film (The Boy and the Beast)



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In-house business: 00:28
The Invitation [Spoilers start at 19:08] 5:30
The Jungle Book 29:46
Criminal: 43:38
The Watch List: 58:45
Next Week: 1:52:00
End: 1:56:29


I agree that the acting was phenomenal in The Invitation. Tammy, Logan, and Michiel were wonderful. I loved this movie. Even though you know what it’s about you really don’t know how it will play out. It could have gone in many directions like you said, but I thought the last act was incredible in its execution. I loved the play on paranoia, manners, dealing with grief, trying to support your friends, and dismissing how others see things. Spectacularly done.

Andrew James

They are all really great performances but they’re also all really interesting looking people as well. They’re all very striking. I just watch Into the Woods tonight (terrible movie) and instantly recognied Tammy Blanchard (Eden) as one of Cinderella’s evil step sisters. The movie was horrible, but it was kind of a treat to see her right after seeing The Invitation.

Kurt Halfyard

Maggie: Agreed.

Sean Kelly

I happened to see STRANGE DAYS for the first time a couple months ago and I can say I enjoyed it and didn’t really see the flaws Kurt was complaining about.

Kurt Halfyard

The story suffers from too few characters, and too small a scope for the size and implication of the story it is trying to tell, and the ‘villain’ turn is so painfully done, it causes me to wince. But don’t get me wrong, the film does so much stuff right that it is a solid piece of work. As it stands Strange Days is an OK film that could have been a true prescient classic.


It’s been a couple years for me but I definitely recall Juliette Lewis being borderline awful. Definite miscast there (along with Tom Sizemore given his character). The social ideas of the film and camera-work are what I take away. I recall the noirish plot starting off with promise and ultimately going nowhere; but in the grand scheme of things, did anyone other than Fiennes and Bassett learn anything?

Kurt Halfyard

“The social ideas of the film and camera-work are what I take away.” – Exactly this. These are the good parts, that I wish the rest of the film were up to this. I mean this is enough to make it a really good film, but not a GREAT all time film, like say, Blade Runner, which nails it on all fronts.