Mamo 443: Heroes & Rogues


The rapturous arrival of the ROGUE ONE trailer gives us an opportunity to circle back on BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, and tie together all our thoughts on what audiences actually want from these stories, and why we respond to aspirational heroes. Listen in!

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Bob S.

Pavement rattling mamo.

“Pigs they tend to wiggle when they walk”


(If you don’t like reading – “Hey 1%, what do you need all that money for? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re trying to compensate for something,” the senator said. “How is it possible that some of you are paying a lower tax rate than your secretaries? That makes less sense than the plot of Batman v. Superman. 1%, ya burnt!” )

Go Bernie! Bernie for president!

(Sorry for that unseemly outburst.)

I think your thesis Matt Price, while interesting, has less if anything to do with the disappointment with Batman v Superman than the fact that it was boring, generic, painted both superheroes as morons and, as Bernie said, didn’t make a lot of sense.

The alleged 3 hour cut on blu ray may help the plot and motivations but it won’t address the boredom.

Rick Vance

I think the way they sold BvS to WB as sure thing was saying this is a comic that is mashup of The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman which are two of the the biggest selling most popular Cultural artifacts and moments in time from Comics.

Also I don’t think the character of Superman is changed. Zach Snyder didn’t modernize Superman he modernized the world around Superman and specifically he modernized Ma and Pa Kent. When you change the time period the Farmers in Central Kansas find Kal El it changes what those peoples view of the World is and you can see that in the advice they both provide.

The best version of the origin for Superman comes down to 8 words. Doomed Planet, Desperate Scientists, Last Hope, Kindly Couple. Man of Steel and BvS don’t actually change any part of that, they just alter the ground the Kindly Couple walk on.

I hate to be comics snob about it but Image comics series are still Summer Blockbusters in the terms of comics, they are just the 100 million to the 400 million. They are the Source Codes and the John Wick’s and the Fast & Furious. Saga is a Blockbuster, Y is Blockbuster.


Pivot as in Furiosa now pivoting to Fast 8? From grandma’s chicken parm to Pizza Hut. Just follow the money. Actually, since WW will be the first film, I suspect Jenkins & WB will make it more inspirational. There’s so much public backlash and pressure from BvS, they may have to now. Even though, I say make your story no matter what because films last forever regardless of box office. Today, I can enjoy both the first Avengers film and the director’s cut of Watchmen. Two different experiences. One fun and light and the other rich, visually striking and full of big ideas. With comic book movies, the best analogy I could think of is Saturday morning cartoons and Japanese animation. I’m not down with the “make it more fun to make more money” argument. WB should stick to their creative artists strategy and it looks like they will. They’re making a richer hamburger. Disney’s Big Mac and Whopper will always be around, whether we like it or not.