Trailer: The Nice Guys

Shane Black works his ‘Laugh, Laugh, Bang, Bang’ magic here with the buddy comedy formula. Pairing up Russell Crowe’s hired muscle with Ryan Gosling’s accident-prone private dick. Drop in a period 70’s setting and, comedy gold. I like to The Nice Guys as filing the niche of the populist, low-brow version of Inherent Vice. This is a very good thing.

The earlier red band trailer offered a look at how violent and raunchy the mayhem was going to get, but this new full trailer gets more into the details of the plot (suicide, kidnapping, disco, porn stars, the mafia, human-sized bees, and the kind of noirish Los Angeles we know and love) but really showcases the chemistry of the two leads, and what appears to be one of Black’s top-tier screenplays.

The Nice Guys drops into cinemas on May 20th.