Soundtrack Of Your Life #17 – Save The Last Dance

Ain’t nobody listenin’ to you but me..

Each episode, Corey Pierce welcomes a guest (or guests) onto the show who has chosen a compilation or soundtrack that speaks to a memorable era of their life. The soundtrack will play underneath and serves as a springboard to discussion about the music itself, how it works within the film, and what was going on with their life at the time of its release.

For episode 16, Corey finally welcomes self-described gaylord farquad film blogger, the ever fabulously foul-mouthed and never boring Paolo Kagaoan to discuss the late 90s/early 00s R&B-laced soundtrack to Save The Last Dance, as well as stories of arriving to inner-city Toronto as a gay immigrant. Nikki also is back to mostly listen in as we reminisce over wine and Easter cake.

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