Try Out Our Theme Switcher!


Welcome to the re-jiggered RowThree! It’s the same look with a few minor tweaks and improvements.

UPDATE (3/22 6:15pm CST): Sorry. The theme switcher plugin was wreaking havoc with the widgets and screwing up the site on both the back end and the front end. So for now, the dark version of the site is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience to your eyes.

The menu choices are now to your left, leaving the right side of the screen devoted solely to the discussion!

The most exciting new detail is the ability to tailor the look of the site (somewhat) to your preference. If you’re digging the black text on white, do nothing. If you prefer a darker experience that’s maybe more ideal to low light conditions, check out the theme switcher and try using our theme inspired by one of our other favorite movie sites, LetterBoxd. If you find that ain’t your thing, just flip the dial and switch back. We’ve got some ideas for many more themes to come so that you can see all of our glorious content with whatever works the best for you.

As with any new deployment, there’re bound to be little hiccups or major problems cluttering the site. If you find anything that doesn’t work properly or simply looks horrible (that’s just like, your opinion, man), please feel free to leave your concerns (or praise!) (or dollars!) in the comment section below. You can also email the developer directly.

Thanks for your support and we all look forward to chatting with you in the third row. Cheers!

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David Brook

Nice. I like the option to change the theme. I’m having a bit of an issue with the comments overlapping the main body though on my old non-retina MacBook Pro display.


I actually noticed the site (on IE11) auto-switch to the Letterboxd theme. No biggie. Disappointing that there’s no Eye of Goldblum theme, but CSS finds a way.
I find that and Chrome’s Window Resizer are good calibration tools.

Sean Kelly

It’s neat, however I think the link should be in a more inconspicuous area than being the first thing seen on the navigation bar.

mike rot

Andrew, you did good. Take a break, soak in your 40 hour work week. I like the drop down ease of finding podcasts especially.

Corey Pierce

i’m seeing the FULL archive on the right. any way to get it so we can get a bit of archive links, and mostly recent comments?

Corey Pierce

and now i only see recent comments. weird.


I like having a photo expand in size when the cursor moves over it.

Very nice touch Andrew.