Trailer: Papa: Hemmingway in Cuba

I think it was Andy Warhol who said, in the future, everyone will play Ernest Hemmingway in a movie. After yesterday’s trailer for Genius, here we have a trailer for Papa: Hemmingway in Cuba. Giovanni Ribisi (always a pleasure to watch) plays a young reporter whose earnest letter to his literary idol wins him an invite to the great man’s tropical paradise just as Fidel Castro’s leftist guerrillas are sweeping into the cities. Ernest Hemingway was at that moment in the 1950s Cuba’s most famous fisherman. Here Hemmingway is played in full ‘Old Man And The Sea’ mode by TV and character actor, Adrian Sparks.

The film looks to be a pretty straight Hollywood style telling of that moment in time, but because it is an indie flick, it is told without too much fuss or muss; rather with a lot of testosterone, cantanker and some fighting and fishing. Hemmingway might have scoffed at the whole thing, or he might have liked it. The trailer is below.