Mamo 440: From Chi-Raq to Zootopia


Spike Lee’s new (to Canada, anyway) film Chi-Raq is absolutely splendid, and we gush about it for a good long while before trying to pick apart the racial politics of the hit animated film, Zootopia (which, hey, kudos for having racial politics, Z!). Plus: Matt B. sick of superheroes? Is this the Bizarro World??

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This is the part where I say I loved Zootopia and hated Chi-Raq and then run away in terror.

Andrew James

The reviews I’ve read are definitely very, very mixed and varied.


Satire for the win. I wish more filmmakers would get the opportunity to do aggressive satires. The marvel of Chi-Raq (like Dr. Strangelove) is that it is playing in very high-brow and low-brow spaces at the same time. It’s WWE and Opera, and it finds the line to walk with this masterfully. Couple in the experimental nature, and the classical shot mix, and you really have some confidence in filmmaking going on here.

This is my favourite film of 2016 so far..