Cinecast Episode 433 – Stay for the Limb Licking

We should probably just get right to it as there is a lot to cover this week folks! First off, we have our good friend Corey Pierce of the Soundtrack of your Life podcast joining us this week to help in a (SPOILER!) discussion of the spiritual successor to Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane. After that, there are some other films in the cinemas these days so we dive into both Stephen Chow’s Mermaid and the astoundingly great movie that got yanked from US cinemas at the zero hour, The Little Prince.

The Watch List has documentaries, remakes, young adult epics, the slowest film of all time (yes, one of us shut it off after an hour), James Gillham’s (Google him) favorite film of all time, a Ben Stiller marathon, revisiting of an Oscar nominee, Wrestlemania and Thundercats in the Soprano’s TV era. If there isn’t something in there to float your proverbial boat, then you’re probably not even reading this in the first place. We do have some connection issues with our guest towards the end as Corey drifts off into the ether.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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10 Cloverfield Lane SPOILERS!
The Little Prince



Cemetery of Splendour [sic]

Cemetery of Splendour [sic] – Bob Roberts
Point Break (2015)
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part II

Bob Roberts
Audience of One
The Big Short
– “The Characters”
Exporting Raymond

– “Thundercats” (2011)
– Ben Stiller marathon

– “Wrestlemania XXXII”



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Andrew James
Sean Kelly

CANNIBAL AIRLINES is a fake film created by comedian Rob Schrab, who creates fake VHS tapes for fun and sends them to Bad Robot. Dan Trachtenberg saw the tapes and decided to put one of them in the film.

More info:


In-house business: 04.52
10 Cloverfield Lane [SPOILERS] 11:46
Mermaid: 51:01
The Little Prince: 1:10:18
The Watch List: 1:29:50
Wrestling: 3:23:00
Next Week: 3:33:25
End: 3:45:21
Apichatpong Weerasethakul pronounces Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Sorry Kurt

I’ve seen 2 Apichatpong films and honestly i think i’m good for at least a couple of decades, i’ll just go over here and watch Paul Blart 2 😀

I never thought i’d be talking about this on here but having been a fan (not just a show here or there, obsessive watching) of Puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling) for 15 plus years the “silent japanese crowds” are mainly a myth. They’re just different to US & Mexican crowds in that, they’re not as easy to impress, you have to be someone they care about, tell a story in the ring and draw them in. a japanese crowd is about building the emotion instead of just getting the crowd to chant a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with what is happening in the ring. You get the silent japanese crowds when they don’t care about what’s in front of them, they’ll applaud nicely. where as in the US they’ll boo and chant boring. They get involved and act like real fans instead of just waiting for a chance to chant “Dis Is Awesome” for the thousandth time. Yes i’m hugely down on what has happened to US wrestling :{

Never Give Up

I was exposed to one Japanese wrestling organization, New Japan, within the past year or so and it was eye-opening. I grew up watching WWF/E and casually started watching wrestling again over the past couple years. I think NXT is pretty cool, but I’d say the WWE’s main show is generally a trainwreck. I’ll record their shows and fast-forward through what feels like 85%-90% of their content. I hope they’re extremely careful with their handling of Shinsuke Nakamura, but it won’t be surprising at all if there are some spectacularly bad decisions made with him.

Corey’s description of his experiences with Chinese moviegoing audiences isn’t surprising, but I would be a bit shocked if that is what you normally see in a movie theatre in Japan.


If you want to put the row three “watch anything with” theory to the test pick up Deliver us From Evil starring both Edgar Ramirez and Sean Harris with Eric Bana thrown in for good measure, it is OK.
Also to go along with Andrew’s Ok action movie watches pick up Run All Night for a good Wednesday night flick


Don’t feel bad Andrew. You should just throw the donate link into a mini-icon somewhere on the site (if possible, the left-hand blog bar?)

Completely unrelated, but you guys coaxed me into finishing Season 1 of the Knick. Interestingly enough, the Season 1: EP 1 commentary (w/show creators & actors) brings up the fact that Soderbergh consciously wanted Cliff Martinez to use a modern pulsing score to subconsciously disconnect the user from the time period. I have to say that whenever it focuses on human interactions it totally works.

Sean Kelly

I first heard of THE BRONZE last year when it played at Sundance and everyone was talking about an acrobatic sex scene in the first. I then went on to review the film for Toronto Film Scene and I will say that the sex scene is indeed the most notable thing about the film, which is still perfectly fine, but if you didn’t like the trailer, you won’t like the film.

BTW, Melissa Rauch is probably best known for her role on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Her character in THE BRONZE is the complete opposite of her sitcom role.