Cinecast Episode 431 – Norwegian Long

The whole gang is back together after technology, illness, work and vacations have kept us apart for so long. Interesting that it’s a Disney animated film with talking animals that brings us together. The boys decide to skip over the UK actioner and the middle east satire for some good ol’ fashioned, hare raising, adventure comedy with ZOOTOPIA. In The Watch List we do have some more theatrical things to mention as well as Kurt checking out some very timely political satire from 1992 and some not-so-very-timely political intrigue from 2016. Andrew tries to find some more cinema that resembles The VVitch as closely as possible and Matt dives into some old Otto Preminger and revisits the Academy’s choice for best picture of the year.

Before all of this we recap a little bit of Matt’s trip to the Galapagos and anticipate some sort of site with more video, images and hopefully a Galapacast. So we definitely have a lot of fun getting the band back together on this one and if you stay until the very end, there’s even some bonus content of Andrew and Kurt talking the nuance of the traditional sitcom.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Opening chatter: :00 – 18:15
Zootopia Review: 18:16 – 52:17 spoilers
The Watch List: 52:20 – 2:14:29
Closing chatter (next week): 2:14:30 – 2:19:35
Closing music: 2:15:27 – 2:20:45
Bonus chatter: 2:20:45 – 2:45:03

You’re off the hook this week Ultimolee! Thanks for the extra elbow grease!






– “House of Cards” (s4)
Bob Roberts

The Blood on Satan’s Claw
The Wave

The Mermaid
Anatomy of a Murder



Prisoner podcast
Still Watching the Skies



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Andrew James

The movie I couldn’t think of at the end of The Watch List was Wilder’s “Witness for the Prosecution.”


I was the listener you alluded shouting the title of the movie.

Love the movie but also had the same problem with it you mentioned.


No it was definitely me. i watched Witness for the Prosecution for the first time on monday so it was very fresh in my mind lol

FWIW Andrew the BBC does have plenty of swearing, it has to be after the watershed (9pm) but you’ll get plenty of F’s & C’s. There used to be more but for some odd reason they’ve started bleeping out swearing on chat shows.

Again FWIW The Martian (600m+) and The Revenant (400+) made more than Mad Max Fury Road.


You probably mentioned this last week but is The Wave the 2008 German high-school thriller (which I’ve seen) or last year’s Norwegian disaster flick? [EDIT: Nevermind 😉 ]

Robert Reineke

I tend to think that Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages is the best counterpart to The Witch. At least as far as recreating 17th century horror myths as they were believed then.

I do have The Blood on Satan’s Claw kicking around here. I should watch that this weekend.

Kurt Halfyard

I quite enjoy HAXAN. IT’s pretty hysterical as a film when watching it 100 years later, but it’s also pretty damn good with its practical effects for 1922.


I like parts of Haxan but to be honest, it really drags in places and feels like a pastiche of different ideas. I’ve actually fallen asleep to it (in a good way) twice.
Mondo released some nice posters recently.

Kurt Halfyard

Those posters are are excellent.


Bob Roberts, WOW, what great selection and recommendation. I think it was Matt that recommended it so long ago, i bought it then but never watched it until now. Wow what prophet Tom Robbins seems to be at this point…love the Bob Dylan timeline as well. Maybe it’s time i check out Operation:Endgame as well Matt, as I’ve been putting that off as well. Great show guys.

P.S. do a quick google search of “Vincent Price 1939″… looks strikingly like Andrew right?
Matt, How did you not pick up on this for your Directors Club on Micheal Curtiz?

Sean Kelly

I just did the math and Jack Black was 23 when BOB ROBERTS came out in 1992, so Kurt was off by about 8 years.

Kurt Halfyard

Wow! Watch the movie, he looks 15.

Andrew James

Yeah, he looks like a kid. And creepy as feck.


Bit of a Vincent D’Onofrio/Gomer Pyle thing going on, which if I recall, is his exact same look from Mars Attacks.