Cinecast Episode 430 – The Full Dumbo


Sickness and technology wreaked havoc upon the third row these past couple of weeks in terms of getting a fresh Cinecast on the air. But through their tenacity and courage, Kurt and Andrew managed to pull some strings and finally have a meeting of the minds to discuss cinema’s latest output of horror and crime. We get into the ins and outs of Robert Eggers’ The VVitch and try to nail down all of the issues that the internet vultures seem to have (or not have) with the film. Up next, we had a good time with John Hillcoat and his star-studded cast in the refreshing, Triple 9. Of course, it was Oscar week and though Kurt sat out on the telecast, both of the boys have plenty to say on the presentation and some of the awards (not) given. This discussion includes some fun “what-ifs” of the Academy’s choices over the past 30 years; inspired by Kurt’s Oscar Article.

From there we move to The Watch List in which it’s just a buzz through of the millions of films Andrew sat through while bed-ridden over the course of the last week, but we do have a fair bit to say on Kurt’s binge watching of season 2 of Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick.” Why no one is watching and talking about this thing defies belief.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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See comments for time track listings – thanks to listener and fan, Ultimolee, for the extra elbow grease!



The Witch
Triple 9



– “The Knick” (s2)

– “11.22.63”
The Good Dinosaur
Thor: The Dark World
Our Brand is Crisis
Night of the Hunter
House of 1000 Corpses
The Age of Adaline
Intolerable Cruelty
Under Suspicion
The Beastmaster



Kurt’s Oscar article (through the years)
The Dew Over podcast(2003)
Kurt’s THE WITCH review
Kurt’s interview with Robert Eggers and Anya Taylor
Images of Goya’s Witches
Pixar’s tribute to Cinema



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Nat Almirall

Couple things — first, I was the guy who called out Thelma and Lousie, though I love the list, and I’d much rather have a Kurt Halfyard list of cultural appreciation than some lousy imgur post of “under appreciated classics” that don’t go back farther than 2000 and all star Jared Leto.

On The Witch, and the difficulty of whether or not the ending was a good choice, we both brought this up during The Prisoner, that our generation can sometimes be blinded by films and television that are taking more cues from literature than from other films and television, and I feel like The Witch is far more inspired from folklore and (at least I believe) from the tales of Nathaniel Hawthorne et al. than it is from the horror canon — at least story wise. And to that end, I don’t mind it being more of an allegorical or cautionary tale than a psychological thriller. Not to say a film can’t be those, but I do say that that literary space of the sandbox is where Eggers is building his castles.

Kurt Halfyard

And he is going to fill up that castle with THE KNIGHT. coming soon.

Nat Almirall

Damn skippy. Now go watch A Man for All Seasons!


In-house business: 00:56
Oscars: 13:07
Kurt’s Oscars Dew-Over: 30:12
The Witch [SPOILERS] 45:53
Triple 9 [SPOILERS] 1:50:28
The Watch List: 2:38:11
Next Week: 4:11:07
End: 4:21:15

Markus Krenn

I may be wrong, but i think i remember that there where two protagnosits from IT that also appeared in 11-22-63. Would have been the better sell for Kurt.
Also, WTF? The production design is cheap?
We’re talking about a tv series produced by a company that only streamed videos over the internet 4 years ago.
What happened to persective?
This series is the tv equivalent to an indie movie. And therefore the production design is amazing.
Not saying the show is good, but way brighter than the light you try to put it in Andrew.

Also, i was so hoping for a “Tropic Thunder” reference when you got to the full Dumbo line. “You never go full Dumbo”

Andrew James

I remember one character from IT happening for sure – or at least referenced. I can’t remember who the other one was. There might also have been a Needful Things reference as well.

Production value: sure from the perspective of it being Hulu (a relatively small production company), it’s fine. But what I don’t like about it (but also kind of do like), is that it feels like a 90s TV mini-series of a Stephen King novel. And I don’t mean just in production value; but also in direction and tone and performances and script. It’s got a really weird “20-years-ago” flash-back feel to it.

Sean Kelly

It isn’t uncommon of Stephen King to include references to his other books. In fact, there’s also a reference to IT in the original novel for DREAMCATCHER.

And to Kurt: I’ve committed way too much of my life to The Dark Tower to stop reading it now (due to my very slow, irregular reading habits, I’ve been working on the books since 2004).


Yeah, King actually has suggested that every book of his in connected in some way (and the Dark Tower ties them all together, which you get a bit more once you’ve finished them all.

Robert Reineke

King is taking a cue from Lovecraft who also loved to reference other stories, books, etc. in his works.

I feel like I should throw in an old movie that has the unconventional plot of a bank robber essentially blackmailing a bank manager by threatening his family, Hammer’s Cash on Demand. It’s fairly conventional but we’ll acted, with Peter Cushing being put in his place by Andre Morrell.

Markus Krenn

By the way, i don’t wan’t to call in old favors, but you guys still own me a reward for winning a homework assignment back in 2012 or 2013, right before you went to Tobago.
Can i still reclaim it?

Kurt Halfyard

Get in touch with Andrew directly, he’ll set you up.

Nat Almirall

Oh yeah — I still have one from ’11

Kurt Halfyard

Nat: I have an extra Gangs of Wasseypur BLU, if you’re keen on that I can ship it out.

Nat Almirall

I can always use that — but the prize I was referring to was to choose a flick for you three to watch and discuss — I think I chose The Asphalt Jungle, but I’d update that to, of course, A Man for All Seasons. I think you have my address, which in turn reminds me to ask for yours!


Classic Kurt! Considering Phantasm came out prior to Beast Master, Coscarelli would’ve been what, 18 when he made that film? 😉 Maybe he lied about his age to you?

Kurt Halfyard

Ha. I’m sure my math was wrong. The dude is young at heart though!