Mamo 438: Oscars So What?


Mamo’s annual Oscar night party is here! As usual, we scatter a series of short minisodes across the evening, collected here in omnibus format – it’s like watching the show with us in real time, only without the 4 hour exhaustion factor, or any farting. Joined by a veritable galaxy of guest stars, it’s the one night of Mamo you don’t want to miss! Except that you did miss it, if you’re downloading this and listening to it after the fact. Well done genius.

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Sean Kelly

This episode is worth it for Matt Brown’s increased excitement over MAD MAX: FURY ROAD’s Oscar chances.

BTW, there are indeed people (like me) who like the film (rewatched it on Saturday), but don’t believe that it should have been in the Best Picture race (despite earning all those technical awards).

Kurt Halfyard

Don Cheadle on making Miles Davis Biopic, and how he needed Ewan MacGregor in the cast as a fictional journalist character or he couldn’t secure funding: