Oscar Nominees Class of 2016 Luncheon Group Photo

Thought this would be just something fun to post; and it is. But then I really starting looking at this photo. First of all, it’s weird how many people in here I have no idea who they are. It’s literally a row of unrecognizable faces and then… Steven Spielberg! Then fifteen more unknowns and then, Leonardo DiCaprio! The movie industry is weird put into this context.

Secondly, besides the giant gold guy, how many people in this photo are not white? Maybe three or four? Hollywood has no diversity problem though right?

(click for larger version)oscar-luncheon_sm

Third, here’s a fun game: let’s play “Where’s Waldo: Hollywood Oscar Edition”

Can you spot?:
  A) Bryan Cranston
  B) Rachel McAdams
  C) Ridley Scott
  D) Rooney Mara
  E) Steven Spielberg
  F) Cate Blanchett
  G) The guy with the crazy hair
  H) Charlotte Rampling
  I) Charlie Kauffman
  J) The couple holding hands
  K) Matt Damon (still swollen from shooting Bourne 5)
  L) The guy with his eyes closed
  M) Roger Deakins (he’s the guy who doesn’t have an Oscar yet)

That should keep you busy for a while.

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Kurt Halfyard

Sylvester Stallone is looking like a Bank CEO in this photo.