“The Prisoner” A microPodcast

Kurt Halfyard & Nat Almirall swap their togas for khakis, jackets, the occasional blue turtleneck, and suave buttons to bring you another microcast, this time focusing on the celebrated, allegorical, and surreal 1967 series The Prisoner.

Conceived by the enigmatic Patrick McGoohan, “The Prisoner” follows a British ex-spy who ‘privately, personally, and by hand’ resigns his post only to be gassed and spirited to a bizarre Village, a place where all the other peculiar inhabitants are identified by numbers and overseen by an ominous, but ever revolving Number 2. As the spy, now renamed Number 6, seeks an escape, Number 2, ‘by hook or by crook,’ attempts to uncover the reason for Number 6’s resignation.

Join Numbers K & N as they break down each of the 17 episodes, unraveling the metaphors, tracking Number 6 on the Dickishness Behavior Scale, engaging in a bit of the ultra passive-aggressiveness, and lavishing praise on the monolithic Leo McKern.

What do the Cold War, Lewis Carroll, Gay Barry Goldwater, and Lava Lamps(tm) have in common? What is the best way to escape from being tied to a chair? How do you make a Village Iced Tea? And what is up with those umbrellas? Listen in, and then you will know everything…

The first three episodes are available now for streaming (see table of contents below) or in the RowThree podcast feed to send to whatever listening device you prefer:


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Kurt Halfyard

And if you missed it. Here is the I, Claudius series: http://www.rowthree.com/2015/08/21/i-claudius-podcast/


Need to finish The Prisoner now. With the exception of the odd re-run, never delved into it before.

Also for those who want a legal streaming means of catching I, Claudius: https://acorn.tv/franchise/iclaudius
Free 1 month trial. Product Placement unintended.

Kurt Halfyard

Also, THE PRISONER series, all 17 episodes, is available in its entirety, in glorious HD, on Youtube.


Robert Reineke

Really enjoying this so far.

Stand alone episodic television doesn’t get much better than A. B. and C. There is an explanation for the milk that does make sense in context though. It’s that 2 has a stress induced ulcer and is treating it.

Rick Vance

This is the best Television show of them all.

You guys giving me a good reason to rewatch the BluRays is nice.