Cinecast Episode 426 – Wound Continuity

During the time we were recording this, one of the co-hosts officially became another year older. So Happy 41st Birthday to Kurt Halfyard! In this episode we talk about the nature of existence, memories and the human machine from two opposite ends of the spectrum: as a 5 year-old animated kid in Boy and the World to an elderly couple trying to celebrate their more than four decades of marriage in 45 Years.

Attached to the end of the show is a Watch List that includes David Fincher, asshole Alec Baldwin, Mozart, Asian Assassins, Roman Polanski and Jem & the Holograms. It’s truly truly truly outrageous.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!








See comments for time track listings – thanks to Ultimolee for the extra elbow grease!



Boy and the World
45 Years



Miami Blues

Jem and the Holograms
The Assassin
– “Mozart in the Jungle” (s1 and 2)



The Prisoner HD on YouTube
Davd Fincher video essay series



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Kurt Halfyard

Oh, and thanks for suffering through my ‘wrong microphone’ picking up the hollow background on my end, and the improper use of the word utilize early in the show.

Jim Laczkowski

My biggest fear is someone writing down all the times I’ve used the wrong word on my show. I’ve actually had anxiety nightmares where minority report style police arrest me for being a terrible speaker, as well as the cliche dream where I forgot how to speak and go mute in front of a mic.

Matt Gamble

Just double down on the wrong usage. I find it works amazingly well.


In-house business: 01:11
Boy and the World [SPOILERS] 8:22
45 Years [SPOILERS] 34:11
The Watch List: 1:03:29
Next Week: 2:30:23
End: 2:43:00

Thanks for the shout out. No problem, very simple to do.


Happy Birthday Kurt and I am so glad the show is back to being close to 3hrs long on a regular basis! 🙂


As far as what roles Tom Courtenay is known for. here in England a mention of his name is usually followed by Billy Liar and The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

Jim Laczkowski

The reason they went with a 45-year anniversary was because Geoff had some kind of illness around their 40th anniversary so they weren’t able to celebrate it appropriately five years ago. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in the film (when she’s talking to the owner of the reception hall) but it is definitely in the press release synopsis the studio sent me 🙂

Andrew James

Yes, they mention it twice in the movie I believe. What I was trying to get at though, is why this was written into the script. What purpose does it serve? But as Kurt mentioned, it’s part of the theme of what’s going in the rest of the movie. That life is unpredictable and random and not everything always falls perfectly into place. It’s an interesting bit of script-writing.

Jim Laczkowski

The best Jennifer Jason Leigh singing moment remains her unbelievable performance of an entire Van Morrison song in the film GEORGIA.

Kurt Halfyard

So this is very much a thing then. 4 movies constitutes a career-ish trend. Bless her.

Rick Vance

You guys should go see 13 Hours, it is very dumb but it is new movie shot by Dion Beebe and this podcast are long time fans of that digital artistry.


Finally got around to listening to this during my car nap while at school. Kurt, you brought up Zodiac and the last scene at the airport with James Le Gros and pointed out that “for all the attention to detail, that airport looks nothing like Pearson Airport.” You are assuming that the title card that read “Ontario, CA” meant Ontario, Canada; this is not the case. The airport at the end of Zodiac is actually the Ontario International Airport in Ontario, California (Ontario, CA). Source? I live next to Ontario, California and also lived in the town where they shot the penultimate scene in the hardware store.


Hahaha! That is awesome, and now makes perfect sense!

(Apple Inc. ships out a lot of their products from there, and it has confused me when ordering an iPod several years ago. I should have connected the dots when watching ZODIAC.)