Mamo 436: Oscars Too White, So…


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has made some rapid changes to address the age and diversity of their voting body, and Mamo returns to discuss bootstrapping, privilege, and Wonder Woman, all of which are related. Listen in.

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All 19 episodes? Good luck with your My So Cast Life project Mr. Brown. Figure you can outdo Kurt and Nat’s Prisoner podcast? Guess that depends on how long your diary entries were.

Kurt Halfyard

The latter of which, all 17 episodes, will be on the website presently. We’re going to dole them out in 5 episode blocks, kind of a Hybrid-Netflix style release considering the 12-Ep I,Claudius micro-cast really played havok with people’s R3-Podcast feed.

Andrew James

Relevant to not much, but PSA: DMs on Twitter are not (totally) private. The world needs to get over this idea that things like SnapChat or Facebook messenger or Dropbox or even Gmail are completely safe and private.

Anything (ANYTHING) you put on the internet is out there. It’s out there somewhere. It’s stored in some server. Somewhere. It is never ever gone. It’s stored and then crawled and potentially copied or hacked.

If you do not want the world to know about your love for My Little Pony, do not send that information to your grandmother via a Twitter DM. If you do not want the world to see pictures of your penis, do not put those photos on Dropbox and think it is safe because you have a password. Wrong.

There ARE ways to remain anonymous on the world wide web. But most people mistakenly think that because they have a throwaway account on Reddit, they’re safe to throw out racial slurs and no one will know who they are. Wrong.

Rick Vance

While I agree with what you are saying I think it is a very dangerous for it to be the default position and that level of paranoia and expecting the worse is probably not a good way to look at stuff or to think about people.

The default position should not be you are going to get hacked and that data you put online is going to be stolen.

Robert Reineke

Just a question, but is there any proof that the non-working branch of the Academy is the root cause of the nomination issues? After all that’s the group with the most time to actually watch a variety of movies and no real need to vote for their employer’s films or their own. How many current films do you think Ridley Scott watches in a year?

Sean Kelly

If anything, they are trying to correct the average demographic for Academy voters, which are typically males past the age of 60.

Matthew Fabb

The Henson family has been trying to trying to get back into the movie business for some time now. They don’t have the Muppets anymore so they have been looking at other IP, which the major items include Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal and the Fraggles. They have been trying to go after making new movies with all 3 properties for quite some time, all unsuccessfully so far. There is a new mention of a writer or director attached every few years, but it never seems to go anywhere. It sounds like the Henson kids are hoping for a hit to get some money into the company so that they can create some new original fantasy movies.

Since around the mid-1990’s they have been trying to make a follow up to Labyrinth. They were set to make a direct sequel called “Curse of the Goblin King” but decided against it, instead going with a new original movie inspired by Labyrinth. They ended up with Dave McKean’s & Neil Gaiman’s MirrorMask. Of course without the direct connection to the Labyrinth, they didn’t manage to pull in many fans and MirrorMask got just a niche audience (at the same time it only costs a few million).

It was being reported that the movie would be a reboot, but it’s has since been corrected by the writer Nicole Perlman that it will be a sequel not a reboot. The possibility of a sequel has been once again talked about for a few years now, when Bowie was still alive. The most popular idea floating around for a sequel is that the kid from Labyrinth has grown up to be the new Goblin King or something like that. Either way, a story that doesn’t involve Bowie or his character.