CASTcast 2015


The Cinematic Appreciation Society of Toronto returns for more drinking and merriment and incidental discussion on the highlights of 2015 in film. Dozens of film lovers in the Toronto area (including many contributors here at RowThree) submitted their top ten lists and the results were tallied into a consensus top ten.

Our hosts for this podcast gather around a round table (literally) and work their way through the list one at a time and spend a few minutes discussing the pros (and some cons) of each title. Though there was surprisingly little RowThree representation on the recording panel, our own Corey “Goon” Pierce contributes to the on-mic revelry.

Enjoy the listen!

Dave Voigt – In the Seats | @intheseats

Corey Pierce – Soundtrack of Your Life | @coreypierceart

Hillary Butler – Live for Films | @petdochill

Ryan McNeil – The Matinee@matinee_ca

Corey Atad – @coreyatad

Norman McGlashan – Flick Hunter | @mcstay12

Jorge Castillo – Prairie Dog Magazine | @jicastillo

Heidi Morales – Hye’s Musing | @HeidyMo

James McNally – CAST organizer, Toronto Screen Shots@toscreenshots

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Bob Turnbull

We thought that it would make sense for other CAST members to get their voices heard, so Kurt, me and MAMO stepped back this year. However, I was actually present at the CASTcast recording and served as backup, bartender and imbiber.

So yeah, RowThree was represented…but just mostly when it came to drinking the whiskey.

Kurt Halfyard

The only way that counts, Bob!

Matthew Price

Sorry we did not step back we were never asked to be a part of this this year

Matt Brown

Yeah, same. I found out this had happened when I saw Andrew drafting the post in the back end. Which, you know, isn’t quite as bad as dumping someone by text message, but it’s in the ballpark.

It’s cool though, wait’ll you see how much shit I steal from James’ wine and cheese this summer. I’m bringing cargo pants.

Bob Turnbull

Sorry Matt, my statement was essentially going from what we had discussed last year (when we skipped it altogether) about needing new voices on the CASTcast. And this year, none of us stepped forward.

Bad phrasing on my part though, so mea culpa.

Matt Brown

This worked out better for me anyway because I sort of forgot to vote.