Hey Man, Nice Shot 2015

[post brought to you courtesy of Ryan McNeil from The Matinee.ca]

Film can do so much with one incredible scene, and often just as much with one amazing line. For my money though, film is often at its most powerful when it unleashes everything into one great shot.

It’s with that in mind that we return to an annual tradition at this site for the fifth year.

After a year dedicated to the abstract, this year the iconic imagery seemed to come back to the characters and the actors who portrayed them. Some of the best shots took us so far away a person was dwarfed by their surroundings; others brought us right up into their grill. A lot of pain and sorrow, but some profound joy dropped in for good measure.

Each photo can be identified by hovering your cursor, and clicking any of them will take you to a bigger version of the shot.