Andrew Guests on TheMatineeCast – Episode 149 The Gay Straight Man


You would think I’d eventually tire of talking about Star Wars. But there’s just so much green in the entire galaxy and I haven’t slowed down one iota since I was about five years-old; so why stop now when there’s so much more to say!? Hence, our buddy Ryan McNeil brought me on for Episode 149 of the MatineeCast as a guest for what is arguably the most anticipated film of all time, Star Wars Episode VII.

We chat on some of my “know your enemy” questions for a bit before talking Star Wars. We keep it spoiler-free for a spell, then dive head-long into all of the nitty gritty.

I’m sure you’re in no short need of more Star Wars talk this week (there’s a lot more coming to this site, I assure you) but this one is definitely worth the download. If you want to speak your mind on the episode, please leave your comments on TheMatinee rather than here.

Thanks Ryan, it was fun. May the force be with you.